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  1. I can say with great certainty that it will go better than last time, but i cant say for sure because of the cancer these comments have given me. .
  2. Joshua Granger

    About a year ago.

    What, no thank you. I'm the one that told you about this cancer.
  3. The Celestial Union was originally founded on October 26th, 2014, and for over a year the union was no more than a thought in the back of ones mind. Well, on January 17th, 2016 the union was refounded, and now I, the founder of this great union, am announcing to the world the official second coming of the Celestial Union. Our Charter
  4. Better get out of here before he goes and eats your !@#$ing spaghetti!
  5. Joshua Granger

    Starting Game Goal

    Well, so much for that.
  6. Introducing the first ever, Vault Cast, featuring, Joshua Granger of Granland, Ansom, of Korrigan Glacier isles, and Smegmar of Cheeseopolis.
  7. Protected by Joshua Granger Signed, NO SHIT!!
  8. Ashywn, tell you father no one likes it when somebody leaks there own nudes!! I googled that shit and the original poster said Ansom!!
  9. Has it really been almost a year since i founded cobalt? Wow, time flies when your having fun.
  10. I see your a member of cobalt, good to see the alliance i founded is still going strong, or not.
  11. I will have you know that my nations name is not spelled GRANDLAND, it's Granland.
  12. sorry i never really paid attention to him, or anything about him.
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