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  1. Leave my baseball alone! There are a frick-ton of things that this game needs fixing, baseball is not one of them. Me desperately trying to derail the conversation: You still promised us a revamped and/or changed war system, whatever happened to that?
  2. You have to make an ad out of this. You really need to.
  3. No NPO-ball in the shape of Roq, disappointed. Otherwise, 10/10 would bang again.
  4. B!tch please! We don't need the explanations, we just need the directions to where to bomb. That is all.
  5. I mean, he's reaching IQ levels (of the low kind) that should not be possible here. (pun intended)
  6. Aight you people! Who forced Scarfalot to do gender studies and when did he become a social justice warrior all of a sudden? I'm confused.
  7. War coordination leaks? What is this, 2007?
  8. Now. Now. Let's all be friends and let us join this war. I mean, the more the merrier right? Right?!
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