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  1. Senyor Puloy

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Okay, this one was funny.
  2. Senyor Puloy


    No NPO-ball in the shape of Roq, disappointed. Otherwise, 10/10 would bang again.
  3. Senyor Puloy

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    B!tch please! We don't need the explanations, we just need the directions to where to bomb. That is all.
  4. Senyor Puloy


    I mean, he's reaching IQ levels (of the low kind) that should not be possible here. (pun intended)
  5. Senyor Puloy


    Aight you people! Who forced Scarfalot to do gender studies and when did he become a social justice warrior all of a sudden? I'm confused.
  6. Senyor Puloy

    We are here for the Whales

    War coordination leaks? What is this, 2007?
  7. Senyor Puloy

    We are here for the Whales

    Now. Now. Let's all be friends and let us join this war. I mean, the more the merrier right? Right?!
  8. Senyor Puloy

    We are here for the Whales

  9. Senyor Puloy

    Brave and Beautiful BK

  10. Senyor Puloy

    Neat Stuff To Know

  11. Senyor Puloy

    The Orbis Chess Federation - Something New for P&W

    This actually sounds good. NPO also did an internal chess tournament, though from a different game branch (NationStates). Also, what kind of chess platform do you propose to do this? Lichess maybe? or something else?
  12. Senyor Puloy

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

  13. Senyor Puloy

    Best/worst name

    Best player name: Biel Best nation name: Kingdom Of Talos Worst player name: Anything K-pop related Worst nation name: Anything K-pop related

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