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  1. Player of the Year: Roquentin Most Influential Player: Roquentin Best Alliance Leader: Roquentin Best non-lead government member: Hassan Most Controversial Player: Roquentin Best Avatar: Kevanovia Best Signature: Partisan Best Fighter: Altmoras Best OOC Poster: DNFJ Nicest Player: Sir Scarfalot (sarcasm of course) Best Radio Talk Show Host: Bourhann Sexiest Voice: Frawley Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Hassan Best Community Contributor: Noctis Most Likely to Become a Real Politician: Noctis
  2. This was actually written well. Really did sound like I was reading from ASOIAF.
  3. Glory to Polaris and the New Pacific Order! It's nice to see two old allies reconfirming their vows once more. Hail the Almighty Grub! o/ Praise be Roq, our dear lord and savior, the holy rodent himself, the one true king of Orbis! \o/ Salutations to Comrade Keshav. May you continue to perpetually put us into trouble! o7
  4. I recognize you as King of Millenials.
  5. My half-assed impersonation of @EagleHeart: oF cUr$e I kn0wS it [email protected] in tH3 t0p tAb. WhAt I rly meAn is, tH3 ree$urscE tAb nIds 2 b chayynjd.
  6. I hope Akuryo has a direct line to the hospital Burn Unit for this one.
  7. Yes, and we should probably start with an unconditional surrender from your side.
  8. Leave my baseball alone! There are a frick-ton of things that this game needs fixing, baseball is not one of them. Me desperately trying to derail the conversation: You still promised us a revamped and/or changed war system, whatever happened to that?
  9. You have to make an ad out of this. You really need to.
  10. No NPO-ball in the shape of Roq, disappointed. Otherwise, 10/10 would bang again.
  11. B!tch please! We don't need the explanations, we just need the directions to where to bomb. That is all.
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