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  1. We love all Frogs. Our passion to our ambitious overlords, isn't just toward one kind, we don't discriminate
  2. 3 weeks. Jk, Allah shall bless our exquisite swamp, and our amphibious frens
  3. I like the bolden idea, although the rest would be interesting implementations, they don't really take into account the current game projects, or the consequences some of these would have. ?
  4. Trash alliance, hiding their trash bank in a trash 0 score nation.
  5. Because this, not the TI or TKR pact, are the necessary ones to break. Goodjob anyways.
  6. Didn't you guys collectively leave the global war after a few days of fighting, or am I getting this wrong? ++ I got it wrong, anyways good luck fighting KT.
  7. It was nobody's fight, lol. NPO literally just decided to jump in and hit everybody. +The hits on BOC were none of their business, yet they decided to interfere so adamantly.
  8. I'm more surprised that you didn't expect the same treatment you harbored against people your community didn't like.
  9. Let them live in their paradise, lol. I was really hoping we'd see the 9 month NAP through, to let them learn their lesson.
  10. Do what your fellow GoG and BK friends are doing and stop plaguing the damn forums.
  11. Really sad to see the IQ circlejerk die this way. You would think with your bigbrain master plan to "win" the game, you would've been prepared for badmin Alex to come knocking, lol.
  12. Preamble: The Manhattan Cartel and Terminus Est agree to a MDoAP Article I: Friends don't fight each other! The Manhattan Cartel, and Terminus Est agree to not declare any offensive wars against each other. Article II: Mutual Defense Both parties agree to defend each other shall either ever come under attack. Article III: Secrets Suck Both signatories agree to share information regarding the safety and sovereignty of each other. Article IV: Parting Ways Shall either party wish to cancel, they must give a 72 hour advance notice. Signed: The Manhattan Cartel Kim Jung Un Signed: Terminus Est Boyce
  13. This is the problem right here. YOU'RE leading the alliance, and praising the fact he can't fight. What sacrifice did you guys make? I'm only pissed about the fact micros like yourselves are allowed to live when all you do is become a plague in a game, sitting idly while a war happens, never adding anything to the game. At least if you had stayed in the war you could've become competent or learned a thing or two. But I understand my friend, sit on your ass and claim you sacrificed something for the war effort.
  14. Because Interstellar is an upstanding war alliance that all of Orbis wants to work with.
  15. Wasn’t that like 5 days of fighting? Jesus, disband.
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