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Does Trump Fear China?

Monday, May 21st 2018; Does Trump Fear China? On Sunday, May 20th, in a surprising announcement from the Trump Administration, the United States announced it would pull back on its plan to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. This is a surprising move from the United States and the Trump Administration in particular, because for months now the Administration has been tweeting about how China's "unfair" trading practices. The Secretary of the Treasury for the United States called the hiatus "putting the trade war on hold." Many members of the Congress from the Republican party are saying that China is winning the negotiations and say that the United States is being blocked by China without tariffs China can keep stealing intellectual property & keep blocking our companies while they invest in the United States without limits of how China can do this. The abrupt reversal had even seasoned trade experts scratching their heads, with some expressing concern that the United States had weakened its position with on-again, off-again threats of a trade war. 

Prince Louis II

Prince Louis II


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