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  1. It would add the ability for a nation to surrender and end a war when a nation surrenders they will lose twice what they normally would lose if they lost the war and their munitions and gasoline would drop to zero and they wouldn't be allowed to got to war for 24 turns or about two days
  2. I think that your nukes and missiles should be hidden like spies and someone has to spy on you to see them
  3. Radar Sattilite Cost: $90,000,000, 10,000 aluminum 10,000 steel, 10,000 gasoline, 10,000 uranium Requires space program, the Iron dome and vital defense projects It would increase your chance of intercepting missiles from 50%-70% and nukes from 25%-35% Guiding Sattilite: cost the same as radar sattilte Requires: space program, missile launchpad, nuclear research center. Increase damage from Nukes and missiles GIS Sattilite: $70,000,000 10,000 aluminum 10,000 gasoline 5,000 uranium Requires: Space program, International trade center, telecom Sattilite Increase overall production by 5% ISS Cost $150,000 50,000 aluminum 50,000 gasoline 50,000 steel 10,000 iron 10,000 uranium 100,000 food Requires space program It's like the moon landing project
  4. Wars already increase your approval by 8% if you win
  5. Police State Facist Dictatorship Facist Theocacy Facist Republic Federation Republican Monarchy Theocratic Monarchy Necroarchy Syndicalist Republic Syndicalist Dictatorship Syndicalist Democracy
  6. Change fortification: Rather than it causing your enemy to take 25% more casualties it would make more sense if it would decrease your casualties by 25% Place Mines: Increase casualties to the newly by 25% cannot be done if enemy has ground control costs 3MAPs Anita aircraft: aircraft value is decreased by 25% cannot be done if enemy has ground control Costs 3MAPs Trench System: Decreases your casualties by 50% cannot be done of eney has air superiority costs 8MAPs Sea mines: Naval ships are 25% less effective in battles cannot be done if you are blockaded costs 5MAPs
  7. For raid wars: pirate For normal war: any For Attition wars: Tactician or Attrition
  8. Nationalism: Which would decrease the cost of military units by 5%
  9. If you are attacking infrastructure in an air raid, like with missiles you should be able to chose what city to attack, and what type of improvements you want to destroy if you manage to destroy any.
  10. You will earn the same amount of money either way
  11. The problem with that is this is not a battle centered game.
  12. The fact book for your nation now is kind of bland here are some ideas to expand it Geography Add average temperature year round Rainfall per year Demographics Outlet type Right or left side driving Economy Currency value to US dollar Inflation rate Average net worth Poverty rate Health Male life expectancy Female life expectancy Leading cause of death Military Conscription requirements
  13. The taxes and economic policies in the game dont add up. A far right government isn't going to have a 12% income tax an a slightly left wing government wont charge a 30% Tax rate here are some new tax rates depending one your policies Extreme Right .75%-1.5% Far right 2%-3% Right 5-7% Moderate 8-11% Left 12-15% Far Left 17-18% Extreme Left 20-22%
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