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  1. No, you made a complete fool of yourself and instead of apologising like a man, you tried to shout your way out of it. There’s a reason you sit all alone in this game, and take a hint, they can’t all be wrong. You’ve been told to drop this by Alex, so be a good little boy and do it.
  2. *Bump* I know it’s probably not a big deal to the rest of Orbis, but we’re pleased to have made it to 2000 days today, especially with Quichwe, Johan and Zangi still in gov after all this time and TFP’s founder Cromwell back in our ranks. TFP are one of the 10 oldest alliances in Orbis now, have been enjoying record membership/score, and are one of the founding members of Swamp. All the best folks, am glad there’s still a place in Orbis for TFP, and that the game seems to be back on track.
  3. That’s it in a nutshell.
  4. You keep saying that I wanted to recruit ‘everyone’ onto the white bloc, which is a complete lie; and that’s important given the context of your assumptions. My original message, which Alex has seen and can confirm, asked you specifically. Given your one man alliance and high score it seemed an honest request, and had nothing to do with any particular colour, I’d have done the same if we were on Olive, Red or Green. Your subsequent messages, which you freely admit to be trolling (a strike under the game rules), were filled with vile attacks on me. So either you were weren’t trolling, which makes your reactions somewhat outrageous, but perhaps understandable given the emotion of the George Floyd situation, or you were trolling about the matter of race because it amused you to do so. As I said, Alex has the messages and cleared me entirely of any wrongdoing, but he didn’t you. I’m happy to walk away from this provided I’m not walking away with a false accusation of racism hanging over me; you were wrong and if you don’t know it, you should.
  5. This is all bound to end well. 1. t$ 2. TKR 3. Rose 4. TCW 5. TI 6. CotL 7. TEst 8. & 9. GOB 10. SK
  6. Glad to see this has agitated all the right people; who as always, have lived down to expectations. Gg
  7. Very judicious use of the word maleficent.
  8. Whatever, don’t let the door hit your ego on the way out. Hope the abandoned BK members find a new home in the game; good luck to you all.
  9. Hopefully this will serve to encourage some restraint in future wars. Fight hard, try to win, but don’t get personal over a game. Whatever the circumstances, the punishments have been handed out and I hope these players come back to the game when the bans expire. Orbis needs an NPO as much as it needs a TKR or a micro with 5 members in my opinion.
  10. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=191396 Please delete this offensive nation.
  11. About time TFP got some credit for its honour, even if we did have to vote for it ourselves.
  12. It’s got a True Detective 2 feel about it; you want it to be fun, but there’s no way past Colin Farrell’s moustache.
  13. Alliance of the Year: NPO Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: KT Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: TKR Most Active Alliance: NPO Best Government Line-Up: TKR Best Rookie Alliance: The Immortals Most Honorable: TFP (obviously) Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: TCW Best Forums: N/A Best Discord: N/A Best Alliance Page: NPO Most Controversial Alliance: GOONS Best Alliance for New Players: The Immortals Best Economic System: Syndicate Most Missed Alliance from 2019: FR Best Re-brand: N/A Scariest Alliance: GPWC Best Alliance Ad: The Immortals
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