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  1. Im not sure if this got buried by Wana's response or people just decided to ignore it. But with how rare a response from rose is on the forums im surprised no one jumped at the opportunity to explain/ argue/agree. (granted its more or less pointed at keegoz / clock leadership and they might not be online or building a response) this post is at the literal end of page 2 if you wanna quote it yourself, it deserves some attention especially by a power that rarely speaks 'officially' on the forums outside of Original Post.
  2. kjhbdfsbvhkefs(1)(1)(1).mp4 FINAL EDIT I SWEAR!
  3. im too lazy to edit flags so just use your imagination please. (i lied i decided to put a little effort into it) a vibe(1)(1)(1).mp4
  4. this is a bit off from the original topic of this thread but i legit dont know how to get this quote over to the cata DoW The backrooms with DP was not strong enough to beat clock let alone without them so as we stated in your war post we explored an option to balance that out with a strictly limited intervention to make it even where you would still would have had a 40 member advantage in the 25-29 range, 20 if HoF left at that time. Everywhere else it would be even where we could have a legitimate chance at a victory while still keeping it fair, as stated previously that plan fell through so the cards were off and our militarization was in response to everyone else militarizing. The point of the above ^ is to give you an understanding of the position the backrooms found itself in, you state in the quoted post you cant beat Hollywood or celestial in a 1v1 so your only option in the short term is to ask for help from another sphere, your position in regards to Hollywood and Celestial is the EXACT same we here at the backrooms found ourselves in with relation to our power vs clocks. I AM NOT SAYING clock had plans or will make plans to hit Hollywood or Celestial with that of another sphere the point of this post is to give you, the leaders of clock, an understanding of the position the backrooms found themselves in with relation to our power vs clocks in a hypothetical 1v1.
  5. Dear lack of brain cells we literally cant take you on a 1v1 so we approached Hollywood straight up and asked for a LIMITED intervention (only whales to make up our lack of whales to make it even) at the time you would still have been 40 c25-29's ahead of us (when you had HoF, 20 without.) with even everywhere else. We dearly apologize for attempting to try to shake up the current meta. also @KindaEpicMoah i expect a meme in response good friend.
  6. Who said leftovers weren't delicious?
  7. was nice working with you all while it lasted.
  8. just came to say im enjoying all the analysis, WoT's and reflecting that people of orbis are doing right now. appreciate you zig for giving people issues to build stances upon. sadly im out of reactions otherwise i would give you a FAT thumbsup that is all ❤️
  9. *reads text* *passively sips tea* *golf claps* Off topic, but i must commend you on the decision to remain on your own path. I was convinced Mystery INC (Now Haunted Mansion) would split apart and spread across orbis. But look at you! sailing about the edge, small... yes, Outside the big 4 spheres... yes, but i'd say that has its own list of benefits and now that it seems you bottomed out and stabilized you can only really grow from here, internally and otherwise. I cheer you on in hopes that your success will show that equal partnership with 'anchors' as you say will serve as inspiration for other typically non-leader powers. A sad truth, i myself have avoided the forums most my career and it something i intend to fix for the future and something i wanna encourage the younger players to do as well. An issue with discord, particularly the public spats usually in Royal Orbis News gets lost in a sea of randomness unless you were there for it where as on the forums you can go to any topic and read through it without any side conversation within the thread. A possible solution to the above if the forums truly become a graveyard would be to create a channel regarding most likely a war in say RON where only the diplomats of the spheres can talk in rapid quips or WoT discussion format, whatever fits them. of course that should be a last resort ^ the forums serve as a great sorter of events and topics and should remain the discussion place regarding wars, treaties & community health checks like this one. i've always hated forums for most my career but i see there use and benefit, hope to become a vocal participant now and in the future.
  10. Hats off to yall make sure to squeeze the orange of all that citrus... ok bad joke i go now.
  11. "im signed to you, not your entire family and your 'special' friend." ~ Partisan will drink water, thank you for the reminder.
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