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  1. So I don’t post on the forums too often, ever actually, but this is something worth posting about. That is the resource crisis that we’re facing now which is nothing compared to what’s to come.So just a bit about myself, I’m a former banker and current bulk resource flipper. If you know me you know me, if you haven’t heard of me well... you live under a rock (XD).Anyways, to put it straight to you all, Orbis has 60-75 days worth of lead left. That is at current rates of usage, but everyday the rates increase and our timeframe decreases. Just a few days ago calculations were at 136 days (maybe my math was off?)There are people/alliances who know this already. They’ve currently been stockpiling munitions and as much of the remaining lead (~6.55m) as possible. The major alliances certainly have no doubt. Sry not stockpiling, hoarding. I’m surprised DtC is still selling lead. I guess he hasn’t gotten the memo.Anyways, where does this leave the rest of us? Does this solve anything? It leaves the rest of us at a severe disadvantage bordering on suicide for whoever hasn’t stockpiled enough within the next few weeks to fight a global. And it does not solve the downward slope that’s been happening for a few months now.The word needs to be spread. More lead must be produced and more munitions in order for us to avert this crisis. Some have told/warned me not to make this announcement in order to try and take advantage of this situation. But that wouldn’t be good for the game so here I am.So two more things:I’m hosting my show ‘'The Financialist’ in perhaps 30 minutes with a friend Billionaire Sui (you’re a noob if you don’t who he is) on this very subject and overall market trends. If you want all the graphs, charts, and details that I’m too lazy to add here, come to LUX and join us: https://discord.gg/k8eDhgLastly, ABANDON THE ALUMINUM PRODUCTION. Please! It is not the most important resource in the game. It is produced religiously by half of Orbis (including myself atm) at the detriment of of the rest of the resources. You think you need aluminum for war? XD. You can’t fight with anything without munitions my guys. And gals. You don’t stand a chance. Please do it for yourselves and the game.Wolfe, Solomon
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