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  1. This is excellent Comrade Chairman Boris. We will defeat those pigs and Boris Bois will prevail! Hura! You're right he isn't government because he is the government. Learn your place.
  2. And just like that the activity on the forums died. Nice to talk to you all and I will see you when the next dumbo decides to say something stupid on the forums.
  3. Generally want to know what y'all think.
  4. Oh crap you're right. My bad. I hope I didn't offend anyone. ?
  5. That's exactly just the reaction we needed. Thanks Developers!
  6. Never! More like, "Let's Actually Make the P&W Forums Great!"
  7. exactly comrade. let's be honest without @Emperor Jonas the forum activity will die again.
  8. This is a real suggestion though. You git gud capitalist pig
  9. I believe the developers should get rid of the limit on reactions in the forums, because it's really a dumb thing, because I just wanna share my love to people and share my hate towards people @Emperor Jonas, please devs don't be capitalist pigs. Get rid of reaction limits. Thanks comrades.
  10. Come on man. I just got off work and I come up to another dumb post from you. Grow the hell up and grow a pair. Go play NS you Capitalist pig. I would up vote you too comrade, but I ran out of up votes for the day.
  11. Just so y'all can have a good laugh at an old meme that is used way too often
  12. I think that is perfect enough for respect. Great job!
  13. Which is why you start building more on-to infrastructure when you reach a higher infrastructure. War is still a great thing to do, because it generates extra revenue and is fun to build up a military.
  14. I have recently gotten back to playing Politics and War after quitting from when I was on the game in 2017. Most of my revenue right now is made from raids and war, and I can definitely say I enjoy it a lot more than building my nation with infrastructure and the such. Raiding is a great way to get experience and bring activity to the game itself, and it also creates fun with alliances and role-playing activities. Thanks guys!
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