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  1. If Spion had VM'd, and someone said "Hey, he deserted/dodged war" neither Spion nor I would have an issue with him fighting a few rounds on his own. He was cool with that sort of stuff. But that isn't the case, lol.
  2. What are you talking about? I've demanded no concessions because there are none to be made. I explained his deal to Pasky, and that was that. I'm not speaking as an alliance representative, I'm speaking as one player to another. Jesus.
  3. Life is what it is, just hope he is able to press on and not let life get him down.
  4. Normally, I'm quite against VM'ers/deserters in general. Spion's out because he doesn't have any time to devote to P&W because of a particularly troubled real life. We knew this was the case before the war even began - he tried to come back a bit ago, but it didn't work out. I hope he's doing well.
  5. Possibly that shuffling hasn't been explicitly outlawed and given the idea behind bank shuffling, it doesn't seem particularly fair to let this one stay as is. Your prerogative, of course. *shrugs*
  6. I'm questioning the part where it looks like I'm confused about the PR hit? That doesn't seem to be right. ?
  7. That’s a fair point honestly. I’m not entirely against tags, but I wish we did it via the forum tagging method. Not sure if ISP makes you pay extra or something, but I imagine it’s just a feature that needs to be turned on.
  8. Ok if you start replying to shitposts seriously what am I even living for anymore. But tbh, I kinda want people to put in the half minute effort to read topics. It'd be cool to have actual forum tags, though, the ones you can easily flip through. At some point a giant repository of DoE's/DoW's/etc would be a cool addition to preexisting P&W politics documentation. Edit: looking at the topic Alex created, the reasoning was basically "players don't understand what people are saying in their threads so they need tags to explain that", which... yeah.
  9. When you're on top of the game, when you're winning, you should set examples. Show people what you're truly about. Make people realize that even with your triumphs, you are not tyrants. But I guess that doesn't matter to some people. Meh.

    1. Buorhann


      You're talking about you and your alliance's actions, correct Dio?

    2. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      No, I'm talking about the fairy godmother that didn't give me sweets but took my teeth. Yes, plural.

    3. Rimski


      Lets take her teeth then

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  10. I think he's alright. A little fun on the forums keeps the boredom away.
  11. Please also add [THREAD] to the title. It must be signaled clearly that what we are reading is indeed a thread.
  12. Indeed, how will we ever understand what this topic says without the helpful use of tags such as [COUP]? Why I say, just thinking about new players struggling to understand this makes me weep. May tags ease their suffering.
  13. Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?
  14. Foxes: the bane of the Red Panda.
  15. It's ok, I'll buy you a new ship.
  16. Y'all do a bad job at keeping this thread pure.
  17. The joke was that everyone in tTO was so inactive they didn't notice.
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