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  1. Nyagato

    Britannian Three for One Special

    Otto is proud of us o/ suicide attempts I'm sure that most of us are actually human. -This message has been generated by human_person
  2. Nyagato

    Question about power

    One oil/coal power plant can only power up to 500 infra. You have 510 infra in one of your cities
  3. Nyagato

    Is advertisement allowed?

    Because a few of those thousands of P&W players might start playing it and if they use the link he provided he might get a few nice items, valuables or something similar.
  4. Nyagato

    Is advertisement allowed?

    "From: No Nation Date: 02/09/2017 Thursday 12:48 pm" iirc, 2 minutes after i got this the nation was already deleted though.
  5. Nyagato

    Describe the above's profile picture

    A stick in the hand of an anime version Harry Potter
  6. What the hell was that? Who are you? If you're trying to indoctrinate people here with that bs, then try it in understandable English at least.

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