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  1. I... pretty much agree with everything Shex said. Though I personally feel that Organic isn't dead, just hibernating. Mostly because I want to start some sort of arc or something in it, but... I just keep hitting a mental roadblock. Maybe some fresh blood filling parts of the map out could help me, ecause there's still too much white for my tastes. I dunno.
  2. Personally... I think I like the idea of Alice updating the map with Eva's help. Eva's a good mapmaker, nobody can dispute that. But after her leaving and taking the map just because she could, then coming back and now doing stuff that caused complaints, and considering there are people who aren't fans of her attitude... I don't think she should be in charge of the map itself.
  3. A representative for the Kressnian Self-Defense Force Colonial Guard has announced today the initiation of Operation Slavic Serpent, a venture at securing the Independent Provinces of Bulgaria and incorporating them into Kressnian Yugoslavia. "I want to clarify that this is not meant to be an invasion," said the representative, Lieutenant Colonel Bojan Vukovic of the KSDF 12th Mechanized Division. "These 'Independent Provinces' are, the further east you go from Sofia, less and less secure and more and more dangerous to the people living in them. It's for this reason High Command commissioned this op: Now, you'd think that we'd just head straight east by land, but no-- our first priority was to secure the Black Sea Coast, not only because it's one of the most anarchic parts of the region, but to prevent any nation that might not have the best interests of the Bulgarian people at heart from taking the coast. So what Slavic Serpent is meant to do is secure the outer regions first and pacify them, then head inland. The further inland we go, the less need there will be for violence." When asked about his comment regarding other nations and whether this operation differed from the colonization efforts of other nations on Orbis, Colonel Vukovic replied: "Well, yeah, I'd say what we're doing is pretty different from some of these other nations. Look at Rokkenjima and their 'Territorial Stabilization Program'; they just pick and choose places they want to go, apparently at random, and move in to them, and apparently they've got a one-hundred percent approval rating and people celebrating in the streets every single time? Give me a break, I think something's up. There's no rhyme or reason for where they go so far as HIGHCOM can see, no real gain for them either; at least when the French took the Suez Canal, they had a good reason for it. Not sure why the Dutch decided to go after Albania, but I assume it was at least for trade, and they seem to be doing a good job caring for the Albanians. The Britannians no doubt are sitting on a ticking time-bomb with the three holiest places in Islam under their control, because extremists won't give a crap about how tolerant and loose-handed they are. Just in general, most of these colonization efforts just seem to be taking land for the sake of it. "You look at things like that, then look at us: Kressnia's objective this entire time was focused on the Balkans and the South Slavic people and any minority populations that want to live under our flag. Once Slavic Serpent is completed, we as a nation won't have any more reason to expand for the foreseeable future, and we're fine with that." These comments come in the aftermath of Rokkenjima closing their borders to most nations on Orbis and giving a vitriolic rebuttal toward inquiries as to why, and seems to reflect the current opinion of Rokkenjima among Kressnians on Orbis that have been following international news. When asked whether he thought these comments would have repercussions, the colonel laughed. "Repercussions? What, for me, or for the nation? I might get a dressing down, but hardly any nations outside the UMS on this planet really interact with our colony as it is, which is honestly unfortunate. We don't mean anyone here any harm; hell, we have a fleet around the planet to protect everyone here who can't do so themselves. But Rokkenjima's official policy is being insular and apparently being rude to most other nations on the planet, not just our own. I assume the Dutch probably won't mind one colonel's thoughts, and we don't really have relations with Britannia. They won't care, and if they do, it probably won't matter anyway. It's just my opinion." In other news, the Adriatic Fleet Initiative implemented by the Colonial Guard months ago is well under way, creating a new fleet of mid-sized warships to protect maritime trade in the Adriatic Sea. With the securing of the Bulgarian coastline, there are rumors in military circles about a similar fleet being made for the Black Sea. There is also rumors of opening up official relations with Kressnian Yugoslavia's southernmost neighbor Hellenis after a declaration of protection regarding the sovereignty of the new nation.
  4. "A play?" asked one of Anja's crew: Lieutenant Commander Andrijan Juric, her XO. "Forty-three thousand years ago?!" asked the Panther's chief navigational officer, Lieutenant Aleksander Knezevic, his eyes wide. "That's what the man said," Milosevic replied, a hint of amusement in her voice as she glanced back to her visibly surprised and excited crew, then to Kabil. Most of them were already visibly sweating, though the heat and humidity didn't bother the commander nearly as much; she'd grown up in the more temperate Southern Hemisphere of the planet Kressnia, in an area that had a tropical climate. As her family had lived in that region for centuries, they'd grown rather accustomed to it. "Judging by the reactions of my bridge crew here, I think we're all in agreement that such a play would be very interesting to see. We'd be honored," Milosevic said, giving another respectful bow of her head. "Please, lead the way. Oh, uh, is this in an enclosure? My crew might do well to get out of this humidity."
  5. I don't think you're affected by the new rule since you signed up beforehand. Besides that, for the sake of continuity, the Mri effectively genocided Ireland and that bit of Scotland they took when they arrived and it's technically a wasteland with them gone, so the Irish diaspora is more or less the only hope of saving the Irish ethnicity from extinction, barring any Irish that weren't around when the Mri arrived and blocked off the island. And c'mon dude, you can do better than just redoing LOTR, can't you? If you'd like and are set on changing your nation to Ireland, I can help you with a proper nation idea. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Onto my February claims: The three Bulgarian provinces that border the Black Sea, please, Eva. RP incoming.
  6. Anja and her crew were momentarily distracted by the sight of what looked like a small family-- likely from the Brotherhood, Anja figured-- who seemed to be having a good time at the expense of their guide. Wrinkling her nose slightly in distaste at this, she turned back to Kabil, giving a slight smile of her own, before looking to the scar across his body. Such a thing should have led to death, surely? At least it would for even the toughest Kressnian. Death or permanent disability, definitely, though she supposed that if dealt with high-quality medical equipment there might be tissue, nerve and organ regrowth... but unfortunately that wasn't possible for most Kressnians to afford, and even the military didn't have unlimited access to such measures. God in Heaven... she found herself thinking, before she looked back up to Kabil. For a figure that no doubt had seen more combat than any living Kressnian several times over, he was surprisingly at ease. "We don't exactly have anywhere in particular we'd like to go-- this is our crew's first interaction with the Maya," the commander said to Kabil and Taavi. "I'm sure we'd all greatly appreciate your guidance." Glancing to Taavi's expression briefly, she focused on him next. Her cool blue eyes might not have held a warrior's fiery gaze, but the steeliness in them was one of a woman used to her rank and who and what it made her responsible for. "Is there something you're having trouble with, sir? I assure you, we won't be like--" she made a motion of her head over to the suffering Eztli's group, "-- those visitors, if that is what worries you."
  7. To say that the Mayan city of Chak Lu'um wasn't what any of the crew of the Panther had expected would be an understatement; the numerous dropships coming from the corvette to offload the majority of the crew didn't possess windows apart from the cockpit, but the loading ramps were opens as the pilots flew at a calm, leisurely pace; there wasn't any rush, and this allowed the crewmen and women to catch sight of what was awaiting them in the city, and there was plenty of pleasantly surprised conversation to be had. Commander Milosevic herself was among the first to set foot in the port, alongside much of her bridge crew, as the other dropships disembarked. Dressed casually for Naval personnel, all unarmed, this particular group was led by the commander toward the archway before the others, and approached the two guides. "Greetings," the commander said, putting her hands behind her back. "I am Commander Anja Milosevic; I take it you two are my group's tour guides. It's an honor to be here," she said, giving them a respectful bow of her head. "You have my word that my men will behave themselves. The rest of them will be coming in groups of their own."
  8. KDS Panther En route to Orbis IV's Mayan Colony The crew of the Panther, the namesake of the new Panther-class corvettes, wasn't sure precisely what to expect as they approached Orbis IV. They were going engage in some rest and relaxation, well-deserved shore leave after the harrowing fight against the Naxids-- the largest invasion force any Kressnian had ever encountered, with the Panther having undertaken a dangerous mission to retrieve stranded Bro civilians at the Brotherhood of Planet's gas station above Saturn and deliver them safely back to Orbis III before rejoining the Kressnian Third Fleet and fighting off those damnable bugs. The decision to go to Orbis IV for R&R had been Commander Anja Milosevic's, as the commanding officer of the Panther. As for why she had specifically chosen the Mayan colony on the planet, that was something the crew had speculated about: Rumors of the luxuries and beauty of Mayan culture in general were among them, as well as simple, sophomoric snickering and joking that the uptight commander had chosen the destination just to see the well-built Mayan men (whom, rumor had it, even the Supreme Leader wasn't immune to, with certain media pundits having seemingly caught on to regarding her interactions with Prince K'inich B'alam). Still others thought the Commander had taken leave of her senses, because from all they had seen of the Maya, they were barbarians with spaceships: beings that lived only to fight, slaughter, and sacrifice. Why bother visiting people who were utterly antithetical to Kressnian values? In truth, it was just simple curiosity that drove her to select this part of the planet, after seeing Mayan ships-- effectively enormous works of art in space that dwarfed anything the Kressnians had-- as well as the ferocity with which the Nakbe made landfall in the Americas of Orbis III, despite the fact that they killed many innocents. The Conmander was mostly interested in just seeing what these people were like. That, and she had just never set foot on Mars-- either in BF-1, NS-1, or here. And it was with this in mind that the first dropships carrying the Panther's Naval personnel and Marine company began heading toward the Mayan Martian colony.
  9. Kressnia echoes the Brotherhood's concern, as we know that there are at least some Kressnians who are visiting Rokkenjima, most likely out of sheer curiosity. This government, as with any others worthy of the name, cares deeply about its citizens, and this flippant and tactless dismissal of our concerns is both alarming and very telling about the sort of nation Rokkenjima seems to be. We request that all Kressnian citizens visiting Rokkenjima be allowed to leave as planned, or we be allowed to retrieve them and those of other nations ourselves if Rokkenjima will not allow them to leave. We await Rokkenjima's response.
  10. Kressnia would be pleased to attend this summit.
  11. With the creation of the Socialist Ottoman Empire, the recent purchase of Slovenia by Kressnia from Stanistan, the Triskeli colonization of Romania, and now the collapse of the Stanistani government, Kressnian Yugoslavia has received a surprising influx of South Slavs from the Italian Peninsula, the former Austria, as well as Romania, Turkey and even UER-controlled Hungary; Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Bosniaks, Bulgarians, Macedonians, and Montenegrins, numbering in the tens of thousands altogether, have flocked to the Kressnian colony on Orbis in apparent moves of desperation; particularly those Slavs that had been living under the oppressive Stanistani government. According to interviews given by the incoming immigrants, many of whom are camped out at the Yugoslav borders and are patiently awaiting their admittance into the colony, many of those who had been able to move said they did so because they believed that Yugoslavia, thanks to the technology shared by the Kressnians to the people they claim to be kin, had become a new Land of Opportunity, transforming the former backwater region of Europe into a highly prosperous and safe home for all South Slavs in less than a year. Regarding this influx of immigrants, Colonial Governor Roman Dubronovic was quoted as saying: "As a native Kressnian who has come to Orbis, I think it's a truly wonderful, amazing thing that we are here, giving our kinsmen a chance for a better life, a life greater than they could have under any native power. As Governor, I'm determined to make this lofty goal a reality. We've said all along that all South Slavs are welcome with us, and I repeat this to those patiently waiting to be granted citizenship, and all those that are currently unable or unwilling to come to us: We are here for you, not for us." At present, the Kressnian border control is a bit overwhelmed with this surprisingly sudden surge of immigrants, but they are working as hard and as efficiently as possible given the circumstances. Those waiting are being remarkably patient, assisting each other and being cared for by thousands of Kressnian volunteers from across the colony.
  12. The Republic of Kressnia wishes to make a statement that it is likewise baffled as to why we are on the travel ban list, as we have had no prior dealings with Rokkenjima for good or ill, and while we, like our allies the Broes, wish to stress that Rokkenjiman citizens are welcome to visit Kressnian Yugoslavia and even take trips into NS-1 and visit the Republic proper if they so desire, any Rokkenjiman military forces moving into or near Kressnian Yugoslavia, and further the nation of Hellenis, will be treated as hostile, under the assumption that this travel ban means Rokkenjima is hostile to us-- and to the wider UMS.
  13. Hey wait a minute, doesn't Wolfie have to wait till next month to claim those bits of Italy?
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