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  1. It is yet again Monday my fine peeps. Today you need to ask yourself: "Why am I not yet in the Black Knights? I could certainly use all that free cash, friendly forums and Discord, and excellent mentoring." Apply today!
  2. I think Leo is some new guy named Baldwin. At least everyone keeps calling him Leo. As to me, I was in BK many years ago... just a member that never posted much here. (And have a VIP Legacy tag from 2015 or so.) However, I was in BK a full month before Leo was.
  3. It's Monday my dudes! Fun Monday fact for today: The alliance color of TKR appears to be beige. Don't be beige. Join the Black Knights!
  4. So I'm back after 4 or 5 years. Ayy Lmao! What does being VIP Legacy do for me at this time, if anything?
  5. So, you get some hate mail! Ayy Lmao! Don't let it stop you: you've already got 2 other nations by your side, so you're only 160 away from equaling Rose. 148 away from The Knight Radiant. Why you are barely 89 countries away from The $yndicate. You can only go up from here!
  6. I'll miss the 'favorite sandwich' thread most of all. P&W just won't be the same game without it.
  7. I agree with the flame alchemist. Wouldn't US Eastern time zone be the most beneficial for an American player base?
  8. I believe Sheepy just added me, but I'll keep this posted here in case I change servers or providers, etc, or I end up earning halfops or whatever. RolandDragonsand
  9. Pfft. No one who worships the musical genius that is Prince Adam should call themselves a scrub.
  10. As someone well over the age of 28, I must respectfully disagree with this suggestion.
  11. According to my friend Mike De Lyre, the next game will be set in a Black March swamp full of Argonians.
  12. Thanks. I'm enjoying it so far. Still working my way through the beginning stuff, looking at alliances and all that.
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