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  1. I suspect, too, that there's a visibility bias.  Some people will VM.  They won't be around to complain. 


    The ones who stay active and keep fighting, and even make it fun while they lose, like @Smith and so on, are the ones you'll see. 


    They're the heart of an alliance anyway, and the ones who will stick around, rebuild, and make something of an alliance while the fair-weather pixel-hugging pond scum floats off to the new #1, whoever that may be.

  2. 8 hours ago, WSxPhoenix said:




    We're not hitting anyone. 






    I unilaterally declare that all dem memey boiis should prepare their carbuncles for forcible puncturing, and scramble the jets to defend against our Shifty-Self-Sexually-Identifying Attack Helicopters.  Prepare for the wrath of...something.



    In other news, I now get my war instructions from vague leaks and memes on the OWF.  Inb4 I get fired for taking Shifty seriously. ??

  3. 22 minutes ago, Spaceman Thrax said:


    If you didn't want easy wins, you probably shouldn't have signed so many treaties. You're acting like you had no hand in your bloc ending up between two spheres, when you were actually the architects of that situation.

    If you want to sit around and do nothing, that's fine. But, just own it, it's ballsier. I'd hate for anyone to think you a hypocrite!

    Mhmm. Seems like you have some decent thoughts here.  I'll respond for clarification.

    (A) You seem to assume we want "wins" in signing treaties, and that we're between two spheres.  As other have pointed out we're not tied to both sides, only one.  We're independent, because we don't have a MDAP.  It wasn't that long ago that you and many, many others were upset that IQ was such a large bloc, there were so many treaties, and that we were "part of IQ." We've never been a member of IQ, just a friend, and perhaps now you can all finally understand that.  It's amusing that now it seems to disturb people that it turns out that they were wrong in the first place.


    (B) We are happy to sit out some wars. We've been involved in every major dogpile that has happened so far, except for the TKR/TEst war.  Seems like you've got your war decently well in hand.  Dogpiling seemed unnecessary and does not achieve a goal for us.  As stated, we are happy to expend infra, resources, and lives for a good cause, or in the defense of our own or our allies.  We don't war merely for the sake of warring, or for an easy W on the scoreboard.  I'll own that anytime.


    Any questions about how and why Vanguard operates, and what our ethics are, may be referred to WSxPhoenix and the other leaders of the bloc.  I can safely say that we're always happy to chat with anyone who stops by, and the door is open to all.


    Thanks for your time.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Akuryo said:

    Lotta big talk for the kiddie corner of mediocrity here.

    I say both sides of this war show them what happened to the last dweebs who declared neutrality, unite forces, and smash them to dust after this.

    "Big talk", eh?  Point it out.  Or do you merely mean words that are too long for you to understand, jokes that went over your head?  I don't see anyone threatening to hit you.

    Odd that you, Komiko, who dearly love to join in on an easy win, and yet will indubitably squall about getting rekt in a dogpile, are so clearly upset that we don't join in on a dogpile of your making.

    Hypocrisy much?  Are standards and morals a matter of convenience to you?  Do you even have an ethic other than, "because I can," or, "It's all ok as long as it helps me"?

    Oh.  That's right.  You're a bank thief, a usurper, cheat, and a liar.  You have been known to have no ethics other than your own greed and shortsightedness, and the fact that anyone else could have valid reasons not to join you simply because "easy win," is probably completely baffling to you, if not absolutely beyond your comprehension.  You already know my words are true, deny it though you may.  The witnesses to your past know it all too well.

    For you, we will not fight.  If, however, you want a piece of us, be forewarned that we will be happy to grind your nation to sand as long as it takes until your twee self gives up.  You cannot harm us; we simply do not care to be bullied into your bandwagons.  And you should know that because we have standards, loyalty, and honor, we have friends.  You have merely allies of convenience, and homes of convenience in alliances that will never trust you.   

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  You would do well to rehab your reputation and earn trust, rather than fling mindless threats and insults, as a chattering fool before the king's court.

    History has already spoken. Long after you, and the long string of alliances you will have burned your way through, are gone, we will exist here, the same as we always were.  We have standards, absolutes, and constants.  You are but a feather in the wind, blown about at a whim.  From dust you came, and to dust you shall return, and those you presume to threaten will have watched your brief spark flash and die out, leaving no mark behind. 

    requiescat in pace, clepta

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  5. Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum
    --Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Epitoma Rei Militaris, c. 400 AD

    Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem.

    Join me:
    Domine, fac me servum pacis tuae,
    ubi odium, amorem seram;
    ubi iniuria, veniam;
    ubi dubium, fidem;
    ubi desperatio, spem;
    ubi caligo, lucem;
    ubi tristitia, laetitiam.

    O Domine coelestis, concede mihi ut ne tam petam
    consolari quam consolare,
    intellegi quam intelligere,
    amari quam amare.

    Nam in dando recipimus,
    in ignoscendo ignoscimur,
    et in moriendo ad vitam aeternam nascimur. Amen.

    Felix qui quod amat, defendere fortiter andet.

    alis aquilae,


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  6. 3 minutes ago, Komiko said:

    There is no good explanation. My roommate signed up the other day. We sent emails to get verified 2 hours later And our nation's have had no contact. 

    There's no excuses, it's indefensible. 

    I think you missed the point...

    Outing them before IA gets to ask questions makes it hard to confirm anything that is punishable.

    Ideally, everyone on the same school/college/apartment network should get verified, but I don't think Alex requires that anymore unless they have contact.

  7. Interesting.  ? 

    Should have DMed before going public, because if there wasn't a good explanation before, they'll probably have one by the morning.

    But Shifty is a journalist (tabloid variety), not a detective...so we can't ask too much.  Thanks for pointing these out anyway, IA will take a look.

  8. 17 hours ago, Ripper said:

    Ah, as Ogaden would say, you can take a pirate from Arrgh, but not Arrgh from a pirate.

    Do explain to me one day though what "excuses" I needed or used while in Arrgh. Excuse me, but I don't remember!

    Never change, Ripper.  You were good Arrgh, I don't recall you ever trying to excuse a raid under any moral reason, you just raided "because I can."

    Also, where are the PnWballs, man?  Those were great.

  9. 1 hour ago, Malinok said:

    As an old pirate that's still in the top 10 for loot I have a vast understanding on the intelligence of whales.  A large chunk of my loot came from whales that couldn't handle a smaller nation in 8 wars and with zero military.

     I did apply critical thinking,  it said free money.?

    And THERE it is, finally...a tiny crack in the facade of "we're so innocent."

    You're a pirate.  Ripper is a pirate.  You saw a chance for free money.  You figured you could take it without getting hurt, and if you keep your raids semi-transparently-faux-excusable, you won't get rekt by TKR like Arrgh did.

    Basically, once a pirate always a pirate, and your logic and excuses haven't improved since you left Arrgh.  You've just found a place to grow safely while pretending to be respectable citizens. 

    Just own it, guys, it's ballsier.

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