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  1. Rubbish. There are plenty of other Muslims here who don't make the same posts, I honestly think you're just here to troll, because some sick part of you finds it funny. Which I don't.
  2. What the hell? Get out of here you disgusting poor excuse for a troll.
  3. 3 improvements plus an amount that is calculated off 10% of the current improvements in the city. They also have a chance to hit power plants. I think that would make them worth it, would it not?
  4. Get well soon Lord Balian. Which is sadly something that some self centred individuals here seem to have forgotten. Sheepy, is there anyway you can take action against the people who have done such things in game please? I find it slightly disgusting that this kind of behaviour is occuring in this game.
  5. A little more substance there? I've messaged you about this Sheepy, check your inbox.
  6. Mixed in with perks, this could work well. Avoid adding new resources to the game however, overcomplicating things in game isn't needed.
  7. There's absolutely no infomation on how this would work and what your idea is OP, so how is Sheepy supposed to know what you want him to do here?
  8. I can't see the harm in this, go ahead with it.
  9. Your alliance sadly reminds me of this FSA - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Syrian_Army
  10. As somebody who used Firefox for a while, I can confirm. Thing just runs a lot faster.
  11. The problem with guns is that they don't fit the style of the setting, Minecraft always felt more Middle Ages to me. If you want something that would? How about actual magic? Cast spells, make wands, place enchantments, throw fireballs, teleport, fly, all that kind of stuff. Magic would have some type of tech tree in additional, allowing the user to advance, discover and create new spells/enchantments.
  12. All I can gather from this is some people need to read the rules before posting and not get so damn annoyed over stuff on here.
  13. I'm against this, as such a large change in something so fundamental to the working of the game, will most likely mean massive changes in game mechanics. If the game had just come out, I could support this, but at the present time, it's just going to annoy people who have worked out how to build under the current mechanics, as guides, plans and strategies could become obsolete. The current aesthetic system works as it is, leave it.
  14. Sheepy should be able to do it by making a Permission Set called something along the lines of "Member - Banned From Debate Forum" and then adding that member to that Permission Set. I would offer to see if I could make a plugin to do something along the lines of banning a member from an area, but making plugins seems to require reasonably high level knowledge of the workings of IP.Board, knowledge I don't have. The best bet here for Sheepy would be to see if he could try using the Permission Sets to block certain people. If he can't find or make a plugin. As for thicker skin, everybody needs it. Especially if the criticisms being said are valid and correct. I myself do attempt to be polite on here, but others are different and yes, if you are going to troll, don't get annoyed if you et warned for it, I can agree on that point as well.
  15. Why just a max all button? Why not change the input type to number? As here: <input type="number"> This will mean that players will have to type in the amount of improvements they want to buy and then click on a buy button to buy them. The default amount in the input box can also be made to be the max that the player can buy at the time, allowing players to quickly build cities up a lot faster. You can add that as donation option as then or you can add it for everybody. Having it as a donation option will allow players to be boasted and rebuild a lot faster after war time, giving them a large incentive to donate.
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