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  1. For God's sake no one bring up Tech. Oh [email protected]#$...
  2. Shouldn't bananas also increase radiation? Also. Copper. At last! I can distribute all that power I produce to where it's needed!
  3. Alternatively... The combined NS of three attacking nations cannot exceed the NS of the defending nation by more than 20%?
  4. Maybe the answer is to narrow the down declare range or to base it on city numbers, and therefore potential recruitment range. Ideally something like a maximum of 2 above or 2 below. Regardless of infra and other factors.
  5. Link the size of a nation's military to its population. For every Infantryman you lose one tax paying civilian, for every tank you lose three to four tax payers, for every plane one to two (for now) and for every ship, let's say... 500 (averaging).
  6. I have a few suggestions. Make of them what you will. 1. No time limit on Wars. You fight until either (a) one side wins or (b) both sides agree to peace 2. Blockade Runners. There's no such thing as a perfectly watertight blockade. Nations that are under blockade should still be able to get some resources in from outside, but at a price. That price being the doubling, or even tripling, of the cost of the resource being brought in (so, 2,000 tons of steel at O$3,120 per unit now cost from O$6,240 to O$9,360 per unit). Also, make it so only a percentage actually gets through.
  7. I mean, given how super effective blockades are, I can only conclude we have no land borders with each other. Also... Everyone has enough coast for as many naval bases as they can build. That screams "island" to me.
  8. Maybe if everyone could see where everyone was there'd be slightly less overlapping chaos
  9. I can see my own nation but nobody else's. Is that a feature or a bug?
  10. Will nations be allowed to literally sit on top of each other?
  11. Border/land wars ahoy! Talking of which. Now that our nations will actually have borders, will land become a war prize? Disputed territories and all that jazz. Alternatively, you could also make land a trade-able resource
  12. I literally have only two left to buy unless I move my nation to a uranium producing region. Need more project plox.
  13. Alternatively: Split Manufacturing into three categories Resources (extraction) Processing (refinement into useful materials) Manufacturing (transformation of processed materials into military or civilian goods) New manufacturing improvements would include Auto Plant. Produces vehicles for civilian and military use (retooling necessary depending on what is being produced at the time), Cost to build. Some ludicrously small amount of aluminium and dollahs. Each auto plant can produce up to 500 civilian or 100 military vehicles per day. Limit 3 per city. Adds 30 p
  14. Another solution. Make mineral resources (coal/oil, bauxite/iron, lead/uranium) dwindle over time at the rate at which a nation extracts them, thus forcing older nations to expand geographically in the search for new veins/fields, making them spend money on land, or buy them off of younger nations on the open market. Apply retroactively for some top quality kvetching Realistically (yes, I know that's a dirty word around here) raw resources should cost more to extract as easily exploitable veins are used up and it becomes necessary to dig/drill deeper. That could also be part of the equat
  15. Better solutions 1: More realistic resource demand when buiilding military equipment (it doesn't take much research to see that the average tank must contain more than one ton of steel. Likewise: planes, ships and missiles) or city improvements 2: Consumer goods. Move Factories from Military to Civil and make them capable of producing civilian vehicles as well as military ones. Replace Factories in Military with Depots. Don't sweat that there are now five improvements under Civil. Adjust pollution and commerce penalties/bonuses to reflect the new addition. Make civilian vehicle
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