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  1. A-Dean-G

    Fallout 4

    Court 34 just west of goodneighbor btw
  2. A-Dean-G

    Same network

    No, the point of this game is to control your life by forcing you take things on the internet seriously before your inevitable demise at the hands of someone who doesn't want you to have fun. Also, fake religions or something.
  3. Money Invested: $1,495,000.00 | Money Earned: $61,620.21 Totes
  4. this is a magnificent place i come when i need to vomit uncontrollably keep it up, d00ds
  5. See, it's strange because this is a great standalone game. I would love it if you were all turned to bots, if we're just being honest here. That being said, there's a few I'm glad are not, but declaring neutrality is like breaking a dam and refusing to evacuate or learn to swim. You have to do something in that situation or afloat is something you won't be. It's good to see someone else just enjoying Orbis for Orbis. o/ FSA
  6. Give 'em fire and brimstone! Package it in the bones of their fallen inscribed with runes depicting their utter failure!
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