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  1. Just another way to rip off loyal players/customers. Sad.
  2. Three down-declaring on one guy not in an alliance does not demonstrate "abilities". But you guys wouldnt know what that really means considering the current state of war between six Roz boys and one lonely loser... lol... Maybe you guys can call it a training exercise... a nice expensive one. "Abilities"!? lol... what a joke.
  3. Be sure to save some for your boys since they wont be getting anything outta me... Three down-declaring on one.... I thought you guys were "mighty"... lol.... jokes on you. grammar
  4. Derezzing right before these boys hit 6 victories. Oh wow. Good game, boys and girls. Not too bad a ride, I guess. Chappie, Prezyan, Ryas, Mahmoud, Zachary, Dmitri, and Lysenko, Empress Wolf, that dude Drudzaey, Mad Max, and even Morneau... Thank you. It's been grand, truly. If anyone's ever on NationStates, my nation's name is Athretvari. Stop by and say hi. (Yeah even you Roz Wei guys can. No hard feelings. Of course I'm still,gonna make this as expensive for you as possible, but I promised that on my home page before you attacked, so...) But seriously, love ya all. It's been fun. Tyro Leif, out. *drops mic*
  5. *The crowd roars. Command Logic Unit (CLU) Tyro Leif raises his hands and silence overcomes them. He continues...* “We have witnessed relentless waves of warfare, destruction, and reconstruction. “We have witnessed in horror as the world plunged yet again into chaos. And as the Kinky Mountain-Goatman committed millions of pixels to starvation when he did alter the aspects of the Game in a fit of sadistic madness. “We did witness as the violence cascaded across Orbis, and as Electronica was attacked without provocation. And witnessed as three nuclear devices struck our great nation, and more than 1.2 million pixels did then perish. And to this cycle, we continue to witness and bear the heavy scars of that nuclear terrorism. “These things have weighed heavily upon our core programming, threatening to weaken the will of our nation to continue. “But continue we do. Through devastating blow after blow, we continued. We continued to fight boldly and bravely. And succeeded in beating back the Alpha aggressors, quickly dispatching each of them after having inflicting our own proportional suffering and damage upon their infrastructure, pixels and treasure. “But these terrible events, coupled with our Player’s RL commitments, have also revealed to our national government that it does not have the ability to meet all of its alliance responsibilities. And with great reservation, our government does commit to move Electronica to an independent, non-aligned posture. “This is no act of any ill-will toward our former alliance, nor a change in our fondness for them. It is Electronica that is at fault insofar as we cannot meet all our responsibilities to them in good faith. We ask their understanding. “Though Electronica now embarks independently upon the next chapter of its history, we will not forget or abandon our friends, nor end peaceful and prosperous engagements with them or the other nations of Orbis. “We will chart a new course for our nation focused on mutually beneficial bilateral interactions. Thus, we are determined to actively seek out and develop genuinely strong bilateral mutual defense and security partnerships, spanning RP and in-game, with our friends and allies. “We will unify our RP and in-game actions, and through such unified action chart a great new path forward for the programs and pixels of Electronica. “We understand this is a great challenge. But it is a challenge we shall eagerly confront and overcome. It shall be the central focus and theme of our national policy for many cycles to come. “May the Player be ever active. May the Kinky Mountain-Goatman release the Sheepy. May Electronica live long and prosper!â€
  6. Leader name: Tyro Leif Nation name: Electronica Sources: Tron
  7. Sounds like the responsible players and their alliances need to try to negotiate and then enforce an Orbis-wide "Nuclear Code of Conduct". Something that recognizes the game-mechanics as they are. (Because it's obvious the guy that kid-napped Sheepy for kinky-times doesn't care. You can just tell he's giddy with the chaos.) Something like (just an idea, dont get mad at me. I've eaten enough uranium-cake lately to last me a long while.)— []- Nukes exist. []- Nukes kill pixels and food. (Everyone's food, not just your enemy's.) []- Use of nukes is prohibited, except as a last resort weapon (when conventional means are completed exhausted or ineffective to achieve victory or peace as a defending nation). []- First use of nukes by an aggresor in any particular war is prohibited in all circumstances. (If you attack someone, you cant be the one to launch first.) []- The number of nukes that you may possess at any one time may not exceed the number of cities in your nation. []- It is prohibited to directly assist another nation to acquire nuclear weapons by means of grants of cash or materials, the granting of which is explicitly intended for the construction of a Nuclear Research Facility or nuclear weapons. This is not a prohibition against normal trade in any cash or goods, which may be associated with the construction of a Nuclear Research Facility or nuclear weapons. []- It is prohibited from trading with nations or alliances that do directly assist another nation to acquire nuclear weapons by means of grants of cash or materials, the granting of which is explicitly intended for the construction of a Nuclear Research Facility or nuclear weapons. []- It is prohibited from engaging in nuclear blackmail or terrorism (threatening the use of nukes in exchange for cash, resources, and/or services), or nuclear madness (threatening or actually launching nukes indiscriminately). []- Alliances are responsible for the nuclear activities of their members, and for promoting the use of responsible nuclear use procotols by those members. []- Violation of the Orbis-wide Nuclear Code of Conduct shall result in sanctions ranging from diplomatic isolation up to war.
  8. Because Hillary has demonstrated she's qualified to be a president and Trump has demonstrated he isn't qualified to be one. She's the only one of the two that would actually understand what a group of generals, admirals, and military experts were advising in the few minutes a president needs to assess an emergency and decide on a course of action. Maybe Trump will just trust his advisors, you say. Sure, until the advisors disagree and the president needs to "break the tie." You sincerely believe Trump has a better grip on world affairs to make that decision as opposed to Hillary with -all- her experience in the field of world affairs? You can't. It's so illogical that it borders on either insanity or a severe hatred of the USA that you would place its security in such dangerous hands. ALL people lie. If you and Trump haven't, then you must be extremely special people. Hillary's "lies" are rarely more than omissions of facts, not outright lies like 'seeing a video of 40 million dollars in cash unloaded from plane' that in fact doesn't exist. Funny you think Trump would be successful after he failed so spectaularly at proving Obama wasn't born here. lol... Vote Trump, Vote Failure!
  9. The Government of Electronica congratulates Narvan and Nova Scotia on this impressive achievement, and hope its utilization will be toward the better maintenance and promotion the general peace and prosperity of Orbis.
  10. Gotcha! But let the cartographer know of your plan if you havent already. If you wait too long it may still not count.
  11. OOC: I think your forces may be limited to only conquering two provinces per real-life month as per RP map expansion rules. You should double check to see if this kosher.
  12. No, the Dutch government did not inform us of their impending war. And while we agree this to be a majority party-foul on par with double-dipping, or "Bogarting" 420 ciggies, we must request for the sake of peace between our nations, and apparently all of Orbis, that Evenstar refrain from engaging in military actions in the SEACO Joint Water Corridor as those waters are now considered by treaty to be the shared waters of Electronica and the Dutch Empire, and thus any military actions therein are military actions within a jurisdiction of Electronica, to which it is treaty- and honor-bound to defend against all aggressions.
  13. Ah, well it does read "TYRO LEIF". At least that what this site says— http://barcode.tec-it.com/en
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