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  1. Yeah, in the latest update, some resources, units, and especially high nobility titles were made LoL+ only. A lot of people spammed new accounts and such to get the requirements for Kingdom/Empire. The last update also hurts really big players although it really only effects a few who have played 2+ years and have accumulated a lot of large cities. The update restricting things to LoL+ has caused a lot of backlash, but realizing he went a bit overboard, the Dev freed a majority of the LoL+ resources.
  2. Shameless self-promotion for my Empire: https://www.landsoflords.com/arm/org/160 We're short 10 people for creating a Tsardom. The game combines a lot of different genres. The biggest is city building, obviously, allowing a lot of creative freedom while you work to make your domain economically successful. Each tile on the map is built individually with workers that you train to work for you. There are dozens of different professions and military units. Hundreds of different types of goods to produce, with viability depending on what natural resources you have available, including a real-life timescale on the seasons, leading to large opportunities for seasonal crops and goods. Create armies to conquer the world... (Good luck with that as the old empires jealously guard their borders and ancient prerogatives.) Participate in very dodgy secret orders... Feasts where you might find be able to make the connections you need to claw your way up from the rank of lord to emperor... Or end up writing about events, waaaay too much... Anyway, if you managed to make it this far, the game has a lot of RP in-game, but a lot of the politics between the Empires/Kingdoms etc occurs on discord. Here's ours: https://discord.gg/eshSDce And the game: https://www.landsoflords.com/ Cheers
  3. Fire extinguishers deployed, fires abate. Paper still missing, assumed lost in flames. o/ tEst o/ Pantheon
  4. A legendary hero will soon lead us to glory 8 years ago he sunk the mothership and set us free Tomorrow we will follow this brave soul to victory The Roz Wei deploys!
  5. We are now prepared for any alien threats The Navy launches ships, and the Air Force sends it’s jets And nothing can withstand the power our fixed bayonets The Roz Wei deploys!
  6. I didn't realize Roz Wei and I share a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROZ WEI!
  7. We can both have a nice big state funeral complete with mass graves! Don't even have to dig it, since the bomb craters already did all the work. Then just cover them all up with the rubble from all the destroyed cities.
  8. Man, I was gone when this started and all my infantry got blown up the poor guys.
  9. Nation Name: Seven Cities Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=26983
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