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  1. Lmao, btw whats ur profile pic of? I try to look at it but it just looks really confusing the longer i do
  2. Dictator Patrick Higgins is here to give his speech on his legacy and future of him in P&W. To all the great people, nations, and alliances of P&W. I am here to tell you that I am at most fully, and genuinely sorry for all the drama that I have casted upon the game, the forums, and the discord. I would really enjoy if you were to accept my apology, that way I can start off fresh with a clean slate andbe able to be respected by the community once again, and not to be thought of as that guy who is annoying, or that guy who causes all the drama, or anything along those lines. I am asking for you all to give me a second chance, to renew myself, and to make things right. I would like to start off this new beginning with me being unbanned from all alliances, so that I may freely be able to become friendly with all members of alliances, young or old, big or small. I want to be able to fix my problems that I've caused, and to right the wrongs that I've made. I hope you all understand, and that you all will accept my apology, and allow me to wipe my slate clean, thank you.
  3. March 19th, 2021 US President Dwayne Johnson has ordered the funding of rebellions in several parts of North Korea, and 3 of the 5 rebellions were successful. The rebels were given a small portion of land on the east coast of North Korea. North Korea's economy became unstable, and as a result blamed the attacks on South Korea. South Korea became frustrated at the United States for having them getting blamed for attacks on North Korea. The United States then threatened South Korea that they will cut off their aid from them if they were to continue with this frustration. South Korea ignored the US' threats and was cut off from their aid. South Korea allied with Canada instead as their biggest aid, without the US knowing. Turkey's debt was starting to show as their military size was decreasing, infrastructure was crumbling, and began to sell parts of their territory to surrounding nations. Turkey became as small as France as this point, and they're economy was still terrible. It wasn't until a successful coup that Turkey would become known as the New Ottoman Nation. The new Turkish, now called Ottomans, claim to be apart of the same bllodline as the original Ottoman rulers, and wish to make their nation as great as it once was.
  4. I'm a VIP on P&W, can someone give me the VIP tag for the P&W forums? Thanks!
  5. Hey all, I've brought to you today a cool feature to maybe add in the next update for P&W. The closest thing we have to in-game events are just how food production is affected based on the season, and radiation. I was thinking there could be pther events added that could either happen randomly, or at certain dates and/or times. For example, since the later half of the year is usually known as storm season, more in-game events can occur during that time. Location can also be a factor as well since events like earthquakes only occur near fault lines for example. Other factors can be included too, such as having a nuclear power plant can cause meltdowns. The following can be in-game events that occur: Floods Tornadoes Earthquakes Meteor Showers Thunderstorms Snowstorms Heat Wave Hailstorms Nuclear Meltdown Riots/Worker Strikes/Protests Assassinations Let me know if you guys don't know what an event would do or be.
  6. It's sad to see The Chola randomly cancel a protection treaty with Paragon, I hope Paragon can survive without them... :/
  7. Erm, I'm not the only one who didn't know what it meant though
  8. Hey all, I've made a poll for myself so that I can know how people see me in the PW community The most voted choice might affect my future here..
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