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  1. Supposedly I did too... But, I don't remember it. Please stop attempting to date rape me BB.
  2. But, the last horcrux is his bumhole.... Someone needs to break it. Not it!
  3. Lol yea it's not about having profits be 'hurt'. It's just to keep you from getting more. lrn2mechanics Fair point. I see what you're getting at. We strongly considered leaving the game as a whole. Those that wanted to stay just wanted to stay to !@#$ with the shitposters. Besides that, wasn't much reason for the others to stay besides to help out the rest of the group.
  4. Alex's programming is shit at best. He's not done anything particularly special that hasn't been done before. I say this as a developer myself. In addition, as an admin he continues to !@#$ with shit at terrible times further alienating the community at large.
  5. You must have missed the memo that it's "America First" now.
  6. We want the game to die a permanent death. It had potential, but the admin is a !@#$ing idiot. We don't just logout and never play again. We prefer to see undeserving things die and not come back. That means ensuring our dominance sticks. It would make the majority of us happy to see it fail and Sheepy to never attempt anything again to disappear from existence as we know it.
  7. You really are the densest admin I've ever seen.
  8. And performs really odd scientific studies.
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