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  1. >implying He probably employs more Mexicans, Chinese, Blacks and Females than people in the 99% would ever care to.How many minorities have you employed, Juan? Thought so.
  2. I respect Bernie. He has an actual platform and logical policies. He may be a socialist, but he's MY kind of socialist. Hillary fans can cry more. Or they can continue to argue against the bill of rights like they usually do...
  3. Why are people even arguing over this? More babies = more population = more soldiers to throw at the enemy INSHALLAH Now go away bleeding heart socialists, you're ruining the natural order. Hail Darwin.
  4. >"Major issues"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Get a job, hippie. #cantstumpthetrump
  5. Excellent idea. Definitely a starting point towards an unquestionably loyal standing army and populace. +1
  6. Rand is a flip-floppy fish. Not enough of his dad in him. Pain to watch on Maher. Can't stump the Trump. :^)
  7. I personally find evolutionary darwinists who don't believe in social darwinism more baffling than people who don't believe in evolution :^)
  8. Peace is a lie, there is only passion Through passion, I gain strength Through strength, I gain power Through power, I gain victory The force shall free me I hate the sith though, Eternal Empire master race
  9. You people get worked up about the stupidest shit Internet "arguments" don't solve anything Realize this and life will be better for u lol
  10. Oh and Spanish isn't taught here that much anymore, it is now mostly an elective class nobody really takes nowadays So much for your supposed knowledge of how education works here lol We actually still teach people useful stuff Not stupid spoiled shit like "gender studies" lmao
  11. 1. Indeed :^)2. Alam mo yung nakakatawa? Pinipilit mo parin na hindi ako Filipino haha grabe lang swear, pakita ko rin sayo diploma ko? San Beda College, pm ko nalang sayo pangalan ko, tas paki-check nalang ang Batch 2014 list, tenks! 3. An argument against morality is technically an argument for the lack of it isn't it? 4. I really don't care what -you- -think- the right-wing is lol, but those figures have no influence over me And I don't care that they influence americans - americans are sheeple, being played by their politicians on the spectrum 5. Its convenient :^) I do not remember painting you as a Leftist, however 6. :^) "Oh lets close this thread its become personal hee hee" Who gave in to his passions in the first place? All I did was riposte I at least did not make assumptions for who or what you are, and certainly not to the point of calling out your nationality lol
  12. Ooh, getting sassy.I'm Filipino. I'm agnostic. Those fossils you mentioned are irrelevant, and it's funny how you supposed intellectuals are forcing me into your stereotypes lol 2015 and STILL on the left-right spectrum, talk about obsolete Oh and sorry if I didn't bite - if you didn't notice, "arguing" on the internet accomplishes literally nothing, so no, I don't play your game. Backtrack and see for yourself :^) Oh and yeah because population-wise, Sweden matches up to America pound for pound, right? Always relying on your statistics and yet cannot even do the metamath lol And yeah, I'm not an intellectual. As if being one is something to be proud of :^)
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