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  1. Love this update, and when will you be selling those stickers ??? I want a load of them
  2. Ayaz Baig

    BoC Imposes Tyranny Over Iberia!

    Cheers, all Iberia members !!!
  3. Ayaz Baig

    The Day Has Finally Come........

    And Happy Birthday my dear brothers at BoC, months ago I joined you in search of a good and friendly alliance and I've no regrets about this, because what I thought I found at BoC. I made really good friends, not only in Orbis but also in real world. Mr. Turnip Banker, oh sorry my good friend with a good name Goomy, always approved my loans ;D ;D LF has become the most respectable person for me in Orbis, and also Josh is always trying to target Goomy for his "discussions" in Spam, but he is a good buddy and he is one of my good friend, instead all the members are my brothers, more than my friends. When I joined BoC, my nation was weak and staggering but now it had grown into upper-medium class nation, and this is all because of BoC and goomy's approved loans :D. I'd like to extend my greeting to all my brothers and sister(if any) at BoC on its first Birthday and I am also looking forward to have my present from BoC bank. :D Truly guys, you made me proud of myself and my nation too. Thank you for giving me such a prestigious place in your alliance, and I pray that BoC survive till end. Cheers and Party Hard.
  4. Ayaz Baig

    10% of Nation Score Military Bug

    Yes, I also do confirm... In the nation info, population is shown 2.58 Million, and land area is 28000 sq. miles, but actually my pop. and land area is half...
  5. Ayaz Baig

    New Player

    Welcome to Orbis CrackerJack...!!!
  6. Ayaz Baig

    Hi, from a P&W newcomer

    Welcome to Orbis and Forums TiaKathy...
  7. Nation Name: Pakistan 001 Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12837
  8. Ayaz Baig

    Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to Orbis buddy...!!!
  9. Ayaz Baig

    The Campaign begins

    Welcome to Orbis, Campaign... Have fun...
  10. Ayaz Baig

    Hiya all

    Yeah man, than you should think about it yourself...
  11. Ayaz Baig

    Hi everyone

  12. Ayaz Baig

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums goomy, if you need any help at the forums, PM me(I guess)... :D
  13. Ayaz Baig

    Hiya all

    And a lover of Agera tooo....
  14. Ayaz Baig

    Hiya all

    Yeah, sure man. Thanks...

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