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  1. Could have at least made a call back to Volume 2 and spelled it Gardens.
  2. They didn't lose, they just failed to secure a victory in the high, middle, or lower tier, and nothing about failing to secure a victory in any of the 3 categories despite being the aggressor should be taken as utterly humiliating or degrading. In b4 Milton says something about there being more to the game than winning.
  3. But the uturine motif goes so well with the "born" part of the name. Recolor it to a steel-ish gradient.
  4. To be frank, it's more annoying to take a nuke now that it doesn't buy a beige for any amount of time. In the end, still no big deal if it doesn't hit an NPP, just slightly more annoying.
  5. Not that I want to tell NPO how to live their lives, but maybe, if their size is keeping them down, they might just be too big to succeed. Food for thought.
  6. You can believe that "something" is a fact, not that "a fact is a fact". Like the non-existent CB that Roq keeps claiming exists. In the absence of evidence, it is not a fact. Withholding that "evidence" and not putting enough pressure on the "people" who supposedly have the "evidence" to allow Roq to release it just furthers the narrative that it's BS.
  7. Relevant; Truth and facts are objective, not subjective.
  8. If he was presenting factual information in his posts, fewer people would respond to him telling him that he's wrong and he'd have less to post.
  9. IQ finally surrendered, ending a month long joke. At least their joke was funny.
  10. Exactly. Nevermind. I even accidentally deleted way more military than I needed to and had 3 Zodiac jump on me, only to fail miserably. (See how my score jumps on May 4th? Barely a dent in my forces.) The only reason I didn't drop more often (daily or every other day) was there weren't any targets that I could reasonably drop and hit. I was in easy updeclare range multiple times, but only those 3 from Zodiac had the stones to try it. And even for all of that, my stats for this war were mediocre when compared to other disciples of Dio.
  11. And yet, we still saddle you like a pony and ride you around at will. Because while we don't care during peace time, we still step up when it's time to rock.
  12. UPN is on a roll with these excellent FA decisions.
  13. The Easy Mode Coalition doesn't exist. Edit - lol you edited it.
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