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  1. Before I start writing massive blocks of text, I want to know: Who would be willing to invest their time in a real, serious, RP (as well as hopefully revive the P&W RP scene)? It will be conducted in the style used on the Paradox Interactive forums, which will be elaborated later. Keep in mind that this is not a sign-up thread, but just to see if anyone wants to or is willing to participate in an RP if it happens. Paradox Interactive RP usually encompasses this: An order system, in which players message the gm their orders for the game, of which's levels of success or failure will be decided by a d12 and various modifiers. Orders will then be shown in an update at a predetermined time, written out in a documentative manner (you'll see what I mean). An IC system, in which players write stories or overviews of their character/political body. While not required, it is a good idea to do so as it adds a face and depth to characters and the game world, and are just fun to read in general. An IRC channel, for out of character discussion. So what do you guys say, shall we? Any and all question and comments will be answered quick.
  2. Why did my genes/personality not make me a good artist.... Nevertheless, this is really cool and an accurate description of P&W.
  3. YES, YES PLEASE. But I feel that hospitals should lessen the effects. With this possibly being a thing now, we need biological weapons.
  4. (read in angst-y teenager voice) GOD! YOU GUYS JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!
  5. Black Mesa bro... Tigranes has been genetically morphed into an anachronistic version of Kaiser Franz Joseph and all other Armenian cities have been destroyed except for Yerevan, which has been inexplicably made into Vienna. As for that 2 week announcement thing... Er, no. I might as well also tell you guys I rerolled to relive the good (variable) old noob days, getting spammed by alliances, counting pennies, fun stuff like that. So yeah I'm back, and I'm reincarnated... I suppose. I regret the reroll in a way (people who told me not to have permission to yell "TOLD YOU SO" or "DEEZ NUTS").
  6. I feel like I need to reroll. I don't like my Armenian identity (I don't have the money for the name changes) anymore, pissed off BRMC (sorry Francisco), got beige'd by Arrgh, and made a lot of pivotal early game mistakes and raided people, which I'm not proud of. So I'll be back as a new nation, and will reveal myself to be Tigranes once I'm established (probably like 2 weeks). Bye! (for now) P.S.: I'm physically deleting my nation tomorrow, though
  7. While I am a proud member of Titan, this is simply aggravating the tensions, and we should never want a fight, but we should never fear one.
  8. This is going to become the next Dioism
  9. Franz Joseph

    I'm done

    While I have seen rude things thrown at you, I think you might be overreacting a tiny bit. For example, me wardec'ing you (as I was ordered) and saying "let's test your top 1% intellect" and "#rolloskar2k15" is just banter, like competing people do quite a lot. The public insults, at least, are not that bad. But if you truly are without parents, and people make fun of you in private for that; that's !@#$ing messed up. So I say stay or at least think about it. o/
  10. You ordered an airstrike upon the nation of New Germany led by Oskar. The attack was an immense triumph. Your forces lost 0 aircraft, while Oskar's defenders lost 0 aircraft. You used 3.75 munitions and gasoline executing the attack. The attack destroyed 12.32 infrastructure in the city of New Munchen and 720 soldiers. #rolloskar2k15
  11. Kastor/Henry is officially my bb now. Thanks based Henry.
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