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  1. Servers are being overloaded likely. No doubt Sheepy is looking into it.
  2. I can host one tonight, from like now if anyones interested? We can do an hour or two each night and stream it?
  3. I didn't get to see this topic until just now, however it's a pretty awesome thing you've put together there. I'd like to see it updated each time there's a global war or even once a month.
  4. I recognise as Apache helicopter. I'd like to know why this isn't included.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvbxDz6DClg
  6. I couldn't find the old topic so here's the fresh one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYGyERe2Vbw
  7. RagnarBuliwyf

    DayZ server

    My community vgcn.net runs it's own DayZ public server. We're thinking about making a private hive sometime in the new year, anyone got an interest in that?
  8. I may join you on the 15th (when I get paid) for siege. I could use some-more people to play with on PC. I've got about 4-5 guys who want to do it on PC as-well, so we could put some teams together easily.
  9. Playing it competitivly on Xbone and PC. Managed to snag up some solid 5v5 match ups on MLG for Vanguard.
  10. The shield broke nearly straight away. The center part fell off, although it was riveted, It's being repaired as we speak. I'm the one on the right, with the sword. The !@#$ next to me is my brother.
  11. I'm in South Wales(Although from Glasgow)
  12. She knows. I tell her often. It's going to be orange and blue. Blue where the lines are, orange where the actual animals are. If I can find a local leather merchant, I'll be picking some up. Other than that, she intends to paint it gold, if it looks horrid the outline will be painted black.
  13. Mass recruiting with an effective academy to weed out idiots and pixel huggers is usually the best method of keeping an alliance effective long term. Can confirm due to being in NPO for several years and being apart of exactly that method.
  14. Got a shield for my group when we're training. The girlfriend drew me up a design for it, need input on it.
  15. I'm running tier 4 americans if anyone wants to jump on. RagnarBuliwyf is the steam name.
  16. Do whatever you want. I haven't been on it since the night I bought it, lol. It's anyones who wants to go on it.
  17. No, it's purely for legit copies and will stay that way. Opening it up to cracked copies opens it up for mods and exploits that enable self cheating. Something I feel's unfair. heck I'll give you the details for it if you want to take control,I'll just pay for it. As long as it's used I'm happy.
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