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  1. Come drop by the forum. You'll enjoy your stay, I promise.
  2. Oil baron. His daddy is an oil baron.
  3. Legacy of being in military school. They nick named me "Ragnar" after Ragnar hairy breeches. Because i'm fairly hairy down "there" Buliwyf to make completely unique to me.
  4. There's still some glitches, but I run it fine on PS4 and hardly see anything.
  5. Are you yoloswag from (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways)?
  6. I'm streaming BF4 on PS4 most of tonight if anyone wants to tune in. http://www.twitch.tv/ragnar_buliwyf
  7. I've ate seal. I had a chance to taste seal while in the north east of Canada a few years ago. It tasted like you'd expect, horrible and nothing like chicken.
  8. I'm fairly sure I can answer this with the well, correct answer. Alliances affairs forum is used for your ALLIANCE announcements, if that's elections, treaties or war then post it there. However, if it's recruitment talk make sure that goes into the alliance recruitment sub forum and if it's just YOU personally as a single alliance declaring war. Post that in the national affairs. I think that covered it.
  9. Remember to hang yourselves, you pieces of shit.
  10. Googled "Russia in one picture" wasn't disappointing.
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