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  1. You don't need a central power or authority to create and enforce social norms, rules, or even laws. Diffuse, distributed power doesn't mean a lack of power. Though it does sometimes mean things turn more slowly. We're getting on top of the raids and our forums are up. Just get into contact with us about specific issues and we'll deal with them on and individual basis as they arise.
  2. Yeah, it seems to be working now, thanks.
  3. I'm 'heir' for my alliance, and just trying to edit the description and/or change the forum link, but no matter what it just keeps telling me: No kidding, that option doesn't even show up for me, I don't see how it keeps thinking I'm trying to change it.
  4. I seem to have misplaced a drydock. When buying a little infra earlier today I noticed that I had one more improvement slot than I was expecting, but didn't really think anything of it at the time. Now, when doing a check of my military I notice that I no longer seem to have my drydock. Obviously I can't prove that I didn't delete it at somepoint (the 1 lost ship on my record proves I had one though), but I just wanted to make a record in case the issue arises again. To give a little more specifics of my situation: •It's not had any ships in it for some time. •A war recently cause
  5. No I've no idea. Suddenly not being in an alliance isn't something I'd normally notice. I'll try and keep a closer eye on it though....
  6. No I'm not sure. I could look at some things but would only be able to narrow it down to a range of a few days.
  7. Note 100% sure that this is a bug, but my alliance (Socialist Workers Front) dissapeared (I've hastily re-created it). Now, I did lose a war and get kicked to beige a couple days ago as its only member, so not sure if that had something to do with it? I'm not sure exactly when it happened.
  8. No. When I went to look everything still looked the same as before, just the war was missing from both of our war screens. Now he's reset though. Might be nice if there was a way to keep the wars around even for deleted/reset nations.
  9. Yeah I had considered that, but at the time I posted this I could still pull up your previous nation. Thanks for clearing it up though.
  10. What were you doing (or trying to do): Look at a war that just finished. What happened (describe thoroughly please): Nothing. My war screen just says "You have not had any wars in the past 30 days." But I was just in a war that I lost and got kicked to beige for. It's just the record seems to have dissapeared.
  11. There's a nice little number on the side telling you exactly how many soliders you can buy today still based on only being able to buy 1/3 of your total supportable number. But what about the 20% population limit? I tried to buy over that today, and it just gives the 20% number, but I had to pull out the old desktop calculator to subtract my currently enlisted from that number to see how many I could buy right now. This is a minor complaint, but adding some sort of max solider button, or just having it buy the max number if you input one higher than that, or adding that number on the side s
  12. So I possibly miscalculated when buying infra in decimal amounts (though I thought I added it right, I have no way of being sure at this point). In any case I'm at 500.10 in one of my cities with an Oil Power Plant. So now it says my city is not powered. OK, so I just want to sell that .1 infra, but every time I try it says: But I'm at 10/10 improvements, I just want to stay at that level (but have a powered city). I've tried putitng in "-.1", "-0.1", and "-0.10" and it always gives the same message. I'll probably just wreck an improvement to get it done but I thought yo
  13. But since there are no exclusive resources, this argument only works in such an extreme situation as everyone being on one continent. The most extreme situation I am trying to imagine is noone being on a particular continent (or maybe two). For example, if there wasn't a single nation on Asia the game would continue just fine; Asia doesn't have anything that can't be gotten elsewhere. But anyway, thanks for the guarantee! So long as I don't wind up stuck somewhere if the continent mechanics change I'm satisfied.
  14. First of all, a tl;dr just for Sheepy: Could I get an answer to my previous question about continent moves, Sheepy? I'm sorry to say that I'm starting to suspect you two of being disingenuous. I'm really trying my hardest to make myself understood here, but you seem to continually ignore my points and just insist that since every continent has three resources they must all be equal. Why do you refuse to even address my very simple question about Asia and Africa? I will certainly grant you this. Right now producing your own money is clearly the most efficient
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