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  1. Hail Dio. May new members be blessed by His Holiness.
  2. eating nukes is my hobby, reading this forum after Mensa goes to war comes second
  3. For some reason, I don't trust this...
  4. You're pathological ... and contagious too War War War War War
  5. 10/10 Steve is playing FarmVille instead of PnW
  6. Which most certainly doesn't mean that if you don't sign with an ally of ours, you'll get raided. You can't possibly expect an alliance to prohibit its members to raid nations they have no diplomatic relation to. Unless of course said alliance prohibits raiding at all..
  7. I see this forum hasn't changed much since my last visit six months ago.
  8. I'm quite pissed at the hacking issue, so I don't really care for peace or war right now...
  9. My revenue log ( https://politicsandwar.com/nation/revenue/log/) shows no indication of extra turns, or extra income. My beige status has remained. The only difference is that my wars have expired. When the enemy can't win, they cheat. It's a simple conclusion And as our friends from t$ said, we don't accept these peace terms and we'll continue the acts of P&War.
  10. CS members aren't pixel huggers and are therefore worth of Dio's mercy. Respect guys o/
  11. Or maybe we ain't pixel huggers
  12. ffs I read it all you guys are awesome <3
  13. May Dio bless you with His Sand.
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