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  1. Hi dad

    1. Patrick Higgins

      Patrick Higgins

      Son, why are you on the internet and NOT STUDYING?

  2. ss23

    Slow Connection, both on forum and in game

    You should probably either learn to use a computer, or shut your damn pie hole. The issue is to do with connectivity, not server load.
  3. ss23

    Slow Connection, both on forum and in game

    Also, if anyone recieves this error in the near future, can they please visit this URL and private message me the output (IRC or Discord is fine if you don't want to do it on here): https://politicsandwar.com/cdn-cgi/trace
  4. ss23

    why does this still show up?

    I've fixed this. Was a rather glaring mis-configuration where an old copy of the site was being served. Thanks for reporting it.
  5. ss23

    Slow Connection, both on forum and in game

    I've made a tweak that might help users. Please monitor for the next week and let me know if you see an increase or decrease in these numbers. Unfortunately this is hard to debug because we have no visibility on how or when this error occurs. As people have noticed, it seems to be mainly concentrated to Europe.
  6. ss23

    Game Message issue.

    You know what's more annoying? Messages not working at all! The fix I did yesterday to make messages work again has this bug. I expect Sheepy to fix it properly at some point, but honestly, it's not a priority for me to fix personally since you can just ignore it.
  7. Unfortunate side effect of me being lazy and the code being bad. This is better than before, but you're welcome to dislike it.
  8. aw snap this is so solved right now? YOU W0T M8 I WILL DESTROY YOU BRB DELETING SERVEr.
  9. ss23

    Messages not working

  10. ss23

    {Petition} Maintain an API Change Log

    Better to have the API versioned /api/1.0/endpoint -> /api/1.1/endpoint
  11. ss23

    Infinite Captcha Redirection

    Fix has been deployed to the test server. If people want to test it and let me know it's fixed now, I'll deploy it to the production server. Else I'll wait a day then release it. Or get Alex to.
  12. ss23

    Infinite Captcha Redirection

    I've got a partial fix for this released to the live server, but will get a "proper" fix done and ready for the test server and Sheepy to verify at some point today.
  13. Server has got more resources now, so it should be faster. As always, let us know if there are any problems as a result of this.
  14. There was a problem with when MAP's and whatnot were assigned, I've fixed it now.
  15. ss23

    Error 522 constantly on the forums.

    This happens occasionally when there are server issues. Generally, if you wait a little while, they should go away.

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