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  1. Fist right now *One month later* We know how that ends.
  2. Deserves a higher ranking and more love with the latest ep going full-on Gantz mode
  3. Oh... ppl talking anime. Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau > most of the shows this season. Also this,
  4. I hear this is the selfie thread. #JoinPantheon
  5. Your threads lack theme songs, man.
  6. Peace was offered, you didn't accept it because you wanted terms favourable only for you which was 4 days of military build up disregarding the fact who fired the 1st shot doing the raid. Yeah, no. It wasn't a decision for Yui to make but this guy doing the anti-raiding. So now, just keep spending those credits on your ships as you bathe in your delicious tears. "When you realize your big dreams of a star were just too big and you become Macho Mandow."
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