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  1. You haven't been doing this for years. Whenever someone made a complaint about discord you essentially said let discord handle it. Now you actively ban people in game for actions on discord. This is a major change. Stop pretending it's not, people are watching.
  2. No such thing as a valid CB. Maybe there was but now it's whenever someone gets slightly inconvenienced they declare on anything they can grab and stat pad on.
  3. There will be tears, I can bet you that.
  4. Congrats on getting peace terms! Enjoy the rebuild.
  5. Good luck to both sides. May the odds be in your favor!
  6. Knowing Alex, he'll make a rule that you can't do this anymore. Such a killjoy.
  7. Why not make a mobile version that formats coreectly so we don't have to scroll horizontally. The app sucks BTW so we need a good mobile website. Is that a task beyond the current development? Looks like only one developer doing the whole game. Usually larger games like this have two-three. And why isn't he ever available or around. Seems sus
  8. Try Arrgh if want to see what it's like fending for yourself. They counter attacks as well.
  9. Well we can say that their motives were ulterior. Just what they were are a mystery.
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