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  1. You can refund all my donations back to my RL bank account i thought dude might have been buying for on behalf alliance from the open market this is bull i had a really good resource stockpile prior to the said trade as evidenced by the the amount of uranium i had on hand to start. So i get reset for soneone acceoting a global trade offer
  2. make it to where one can build a prohect every 2500 infra instead of 5k infra thus more resources go to projects. We could also throw in a resource maintenance cost in military units say 1 steel and 1 gas and 2 munitions per 100 tanks. It sounds miniscule but over all our nations militaries it would add up. I mean really in peace time tgey have war ganes that consume quite a bit if resources.
  3. i cant blam malone for attacking MF. but you should have used more missiles lol
  4. coal has not really gone down demand slumps as people look to going nuclear and producet their own coal. im guessing there are so few sell offers simply cause nations switched from making alot of coal and buying iron with the cash to producing their own iron. the marjet is still there and strong just not as much activity as there once was.
  5. dang i dont know what alliance flag belong to what alliance. can you make a flag legend?
  6. i believe the civil engineering project should also reduce city purchase cost by 1% in my opinion. gives it a little shorter ROI time and makes project decisions a little more complex.
  7. i deposited 3 million into the bank from my nation the 3 million deposited but withdrew 6 million from my nation
  8. i guess sheepys next update will boost leads price i dont see oil sustaining a much higher price over time simply cause of the massive oversupply thats been on the market. iron and bauxite however should keep a few hundred ppu over what it has been trading at in the longer run. maybe limiting nations to 3 oil wells and coal mines per city will help with the oversupply of oil and coal in the markets
  9. why is there a resource cap at 9999.99 but the game will still allow me to spend money on the resource even when i cant recieve the resource? Better yet why is there a cap at all? i tried depositing one ton in my bank but my stockpile dropped to 9998.99 and i know i bought a couple hundred tons before i noticed my stockpile not increasing past 10,000 tons i know one can have much more food than that but if there is a cap on resources i believe it should be made public and not allow one to spend money past that point
  10. i can use my dropdoen memu again although it wasa real community builder getting links from alliance mates. guess my problem was a kobile problem linked to the resource bar
  11. i cant even drop down the sidebar menu
  12. its happened a few times where the quantity and the price transpose first time im not 100% sure if i was at fault but the one today i proof read it and everything and looked at it after it was sent all was good but it got accecpted and was not the tradr i offered now im out a million bucks
  13. what about $100 for a 15 day 1% color stock bonus boost
  14. i think it would be nice to search another nations trade like you can do your own
  15. i need 1500 gas for a project but prices are a little high so i offer you the chance to sell me 1500 gas for 1050 ppu this should save you the trouble of selling it on the market thud making life easier. Just send a trade offer to my nation and i will accept. thank you.
  16. i cant post a screen shot phone sucks but i copied and pasted. Revenue Here you will be able to see exactly how how much money and resources you are producing and gaining both per turn and per day. A new turn occurs once every 2 hours, so log in frequently to spend your money as it accumulates for maximum efficiency. Per Turn Per Day Population 563,861 563,861 Weighted Average Income $7.04 $7.04 National Tax Rate 30.9% 30.9% Color Stock Bonus 7.47% 7.47% Gross Income $109,834.22 $1,318,010.59 Expenses Power Plant Upkeep $4,375.00 $52,500.00 Resource Prod. Upkeep $5,883.33 $70,600.00 Military Upkeep $6,150.00 $73,800.00 City Improvement Upkeep $22,250.00 $267,000.00 Gross Expenses $38,658.33 $463,900.00 Resource Production/Usage Coal Mined 4.00 / 3.75 tons 48.00 / 45.00 tons Oil Drilled 0.00 / 0.00 tons 0.00 / 0.00 tons Bauxite Mined 0.00 / 0.50 tons 0.00 / 6.00 tons Iron Mined 0.00 / 3.75 tons 0.00 / 45.00 tons Lead Mined 0.00 / 0.00 tons 0.00 / 0.00 tons Uranium Mined 0.00 / 1.00 tons 0.00 / 12.00 tons Food Grown 40.00 / 49.99 tons 480.00 / 599.86 tons Resource Manufacturing Gasoline Refined 0.00 / 0.00 tons 0.00 / 0.00 tons Aluminum Refined 1.50 / 0.00 tons 18.00 / 0.00 tons Steel Milled 11.25 / 0.00 tons 135.00 / 0.00 tons Munitions Produced 0.00 / 0.00 tons 0.00 / 0.00 tons Net Revenues Coal Mined 0.25 tons 3.00 tons Oil Drilled 0.00 tons 0.00 tons Bauxite Mined -0.50 tons -6.00 tons Iron Mined -3.75 tons -45.00 tons Lead Mined 0.00 tons 0.00 tons Uranium Mined -1.00 tons -12.00 tons Food Grown -9.99 tons -119.86 tons Gasoline Refined 0.00 tons 0.00 tons Aluminum Refined 1.50 tons 18.00 tons Steel Milled 11.25 tons 135.00 tons Munitions Produced 0.00 tons 0.00 tons Net Income $69,040.61 $828,487.27 © Politics and War 2013-2014Terms and Conditions - Game Rules
  17. i have a total of 5600 infra yet i am burning through 12 uranium a day. it says im only supposed to use 1.2 uranium per 1k infra. i just noticed it today wondering how much uranium i burnt through unnecessarily
  18. thanks sheepy it works now
  19. after further experimentation it will let me do as i want if i dont have an offer already at stated price but if i try to add to an existing buy offer it caps out at the food i have on hand
  20. i went to offer to buy food and its only letting me match the amount of food i have on hand. this could be much larger issue if i had 0 food but id like to more than double the food i have on hand can we fix this thanks.
  21. can we make it 14 days till an inactive nation gets booted from an alliance. 7 days seems a little too short. I like to think im an active player in these nation sim games but there are times i go more thsn a week without logging in. I think a week is fine for going grey then another week before getting booted from the alliance which will still give 16 days to raiders to have their way with the inactives.
  22. can we make a graph button for mobile be nice to be able to se graphs
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