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  1. I'm screwed, maybe this is why my popularity seems to be really low


  2. Project cost: $76000000, 1000 munitions, 500 aluminum, 500 steel Project function: Would allow for a second set of borders, in another country or continent, placing it in another continent would still take up one location change though. When placed on another continent you would lose 1000 soldiers. Once colonized, your nation about section would read "ExampleNation is located on the continent of ExampleContinent with a colony in AnotherExampleContinent." This project cannot be destroyed unless your approval rating is 0 for 100 turns. You will be refunded 100 munitions, $35000000, 200 steel and 200 aluminum. When you purchase new land you can grow your main country or your colony. Your colony will appear like a city under a "colony" tab, but instead if starting with 10 infra, it will start with 50, however all prices of operations/infra/land mass/improvements are increased by 2.5%. I just think that this would be a more efficent way of gathering resources, send any feedback in the comments!
  3. I am the leader pf a growing nation called "Rexingcord" and am in the United Armies alliance. Here is my nation link https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=244318 I am a history nerd an if there's something I don't know about history it's either in Asia or Africa. I am huge into politics and will have a respectful conversation with anybody that wants to. My main historical interests are Germany in both world wars, old Prussian music, the revolutionary war, and the great northern war I listen to Sabaton, how could you tell? Anyway yeah that's it cya
  4. Today, in 1719, the caroleans began their death march back home to sweden. This is a national holiday in my nation, so I don't have much time to speak, however I encourage you to join me as we celebrate this fateful day

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