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  1. @Benfro best if you ignore them, you have better things to focus on.
  2. “I expected a coalition to form in response to this war. I didn’t think people would illegitimately no-Cb into a dog pile for entirely hypocritical reasons” “TKR was more than willing to accept a potential rolling down the road to make sure that we saw this righted” quoting Cooper here which is something I hate to do but hopefully this helped you out bud.
  3. It was a fun ride Quack, from getting rolled to finally winning a war. Will surely miss the @spaipls ping lol.
  4. For my Quack allies it was an honor fighting alongside you o7.
  5. T12B7N0BS-U4JHP2VL5-816e33d8076b-24harmony
    because you're a dirty blasphemer, water denier
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