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  1. ^^ Last I checked I don't have an Arms Stockpile
  2. Oh, I found this late. Here I was, seeking to be unbanned from the Schrutecord in light of the recent world conflict which saw Farm vs. Church... where I thought wrestling fear (fear being Dwight's cousin Mose) would be a token of respect amongst beet farmers and Dwight himself... perhaps surely to his former farmers now in light of this recent event, at least. This past war involved me wrestling fear (Mose) and still getting in a Schrute Farm coffin as a martyr for Atom. Now a little after settling of the dust there doesn't seem to (sadly) be much a Farm left. I would say @Dwight k Schrute had a huge spotlight at the Farm for obvious reasons and it would only be fair if he gave his side of things here. For now though it seems he has made off with way more than just the spotlight of his Farm. All the best to those who were formerly beet farmers! Edit: You would think being the great salesperson Dwight K Schrute is that he would be able to sell his Farm to literally ANYONE but guess not. Perhaps Dwight himself was undergoing fear and now needs to wrestle his cousin. Not exactly a step in the right direction IMO
  3. "An unknown nation has executed an espionage operation against your country. They successfully assassinated spies in your nation. 14 of your spies were killed." Already down in spies, so this is over 4.5 days of rebuying spies gone poof, welp! Would be 7 days worth of rebuying spies w/out the Intel Agency project too. Arcane doesn't seem to be helping much either.
  4. Shout out to @Plo Koon , @Ciriaco , and maybe more Birds of a feather, I guess.
  5. Are you sure you don't mean certain other alliances? Edit: [OOC] Yes, EM breaking the rules is very reprehensible (although as I understand it, EM himself didn't profit ingame from the cheating on NR's end). Speaking for myself, I also sure wasn't privy to his dealings with NR before he even joined CoA, until this past week. [/OOC] What the Church of Atom will defend against, however (and the only thing worth defending ITT) are its members being attacked by rogues. You'd probably do the same for someone else in your own alliance, no matter how questionable their past and if admin willed his or her nation to still exist.
  6. Mental health must be a thing with NPO too. Emperor of Ice of NPO told me he was genuinely concerned for my mental health in a DM (after he posted in this forum around here that he *welcomes* DM discussion about the manwha hustle report). Also told me "This is a game." Next thing I know I'm banned from NPO's Discord and personally blocked by Emperor of Ice. Now it seems neither you nor Emperor of Ice have PnW nations anymore. How 'bout that.
  7. Same NPO, same policy, different universe. Current and future allies of NPO beware.
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