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    I agree, this is war slot filling. This war is already over, and I won't reverse the action that has happened, but I am going to issue a moderation strike against the offender (George Clooney.) I don't see any reason why two nations of this size would do such little damage to each other unless it was a coordinated slot-fill.
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    Spreadsheet with the methodology can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k4WwHExcFEwP96Z9OefE8nXA4_BnV_yMgFu_GqlJjnI/edit?usp=sharing Doc with all of the results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KX0RuJPgLCxWpcTH1IULhew7KjUqxwGTAxG3fVzts5U/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to @Princess Adrienne for being an amazing help and just being a great person Thanks to @Sval, @Redarmy, and deadmeat for helping out as well Thanks to @Kevanovia and @Do Not Fear Jazz for hosting the awards, they were great and really hilarious and it was a great time. Thanks to Leo, Keshav, and others for calling these stupid. To that I say, no u And thanks to all of the alliance leaders/gov for participating, it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. ❤️
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    I have a ton of stuff to go through, and not enough time to deal with joke threads like this currently. I'm locking it.
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    We actually need to go back even further and completely reset the last game, too. That's the only way to be sure.
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    Since I know at least three people will claim Japan at the start, maybe we could fill in Japan (and other disputed territories) with diagonal stripes with each nation's color. If that's decided on, I imagine the 40 provinces of Japan would count towards each nation's 100 province limit.
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    You were the aggressor, you are the agressor, you will be the aggressor, don't play the victim card
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    There are members of NPO who have been around just as long or even longer than members in coal A and have fought in just as many wars or even less than coal A members. Yet they are a good 4-6 cities behind their coal A counterparts with a corresponding drop in longterm productivity. If you need to find a reason to understand the disparity in economic power, you need to look closer to home and examine the tiering choices NPO made a few years ago and their subsequent impacts. The fact that NPO relies on 20 billion dollar loans from whales across the web to sustain its own growth speaks volumes. To be honest, the quality of NPO's leaders when it first rose to power was far better than the shabby excuses we have to put up with here. The likes of Ivan, dilber, Vlad and so on would not be overly impressed with this realm's NPO. Can't compare two entirely different NPO's separated by a decade and a half. Heck, I was a member of that old school NPO and I would likely join an alliance like the original NPO if it was formed here. But not this poor excuse we have for an NPO which is basically a personality cult fueled by fumes of paranoia.
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    Props to you guys for joining the cause, sad to see you go so soon, but best of luck with rebuild and your future endeavors!
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    Thank you for voting for schrute farms, we are honoured to win best alliance theme. 🏆
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    Still feel pretty ripped off I got silenced so fast while delivering my heartfelt acceptance speech for NPO winning Most Powerful Alliance. C'est la vie
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    As previously stated multiple times I am willing to accept the boy who cried wolf scenario where y'all created so many joke threads, when you created another it got thrown in with the 'jokes.' Your trolling will get you no where.
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    Yes. He made a RoH including both allies and non-allies after a number of allied joke "RoH" and "DoW" threads were removed. He did this to try and skirt around it being a joke thread. He thought if he included people he was actually at war with it would not get removed.
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    The attacks against allied nations are different than the attacks against enemy nations. Clearly war slot filling.
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    It was quite obviously a joke thread. Its purpose was to troll and give an excuse for war slot filling. 'oh we posted an RoH so my one ship naval attacks are justified whaaaa'
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    This is for the whales you big fat nasty smelling fat !@#$es why you take all our damn money wit yo triflin dirty fat ass you big fat !@#$ oompa loompa body ass !@#$es we're comin up there and we're gonna beat the frick out of you !@#$es and don’t even call the police cause we're gonna come up there unexpected and wait on yo motherfrickin ass !@#$es we're coming to beat the frick outta you cause you did that on purpose with that fat ass bean head !@#$ watch we're coming up there to frick you up !@#$es we know what kinda cars you drive. We're gonna wait on you and we're gonna beat yalls ass !@#$ cause we show you not to play with ASM's money !@#$ that's the first thing yall did and !@#$ you got us fricked up cause !@#$ we told you what the frick was goin on, you motherfrickas hate to see leftists doing good or doing anything for themselves ugly fat !@#$es watch we're telling you we're coming up there to beat yo motherfricking ass bean head smelling wet dog smellin ass !@#$ watch us come and frick you up cause you got us fricked up gon sit up there and try to do that shit !@#$ the first day we came up there talking about the !@#$ that had on pajamas but you had 10 dollar ass jean's on dirty dusty fat !@#$ sitting behind that counter smelling like cheese stinky fat ass !@#$ and you gon try and not reply to this post we're going to frick you up and you betta remember to run when you see us cause we're going to frick you up !@#$ wanna sit up here and play with us about our motherfricking money wanna play about our money !@#$ you gon sit up there and try to do that !@#$ little do you know we know enough people watch us coming to frick you up we promise you that we promise we're coming to frick yall up you fat stinky !@#$es bean head yellow yuck mouth nasty mouth ass !@#$ yall stink yall smell like fricking cheese and yall got that trifling ass attitude we beat that attitude up out you !@#$es yall treat everybody like that all these communist people that yall do like that yall in the wrong position you trifling ass !@#$es that's why dont nobody frick with yall cause you trifling and a !@#$ gon sit up there and did all that shit and we told you what the frick goin on gon tell us we was in the same motherfricking alliance when we're telling you we didnt now !@#$ why the frick would we lie about some shit like that watch we finna come up there and beat yalls motherfricking ass yall betta not get out that car !@#$.
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