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  1. NATIONAL FLAG OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF VELIKA STATE EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF VELIKA FLAG OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF VELIKA Notes: *Velika had no formal flag during the Middle-Ages, and was mostly identified by various Royal insignia. In the Early 20th Century the King of Velika established the white and green banner as the national flag. Army Green (also known as Military Green) was chosen because this was the color of the new uniforms in the Velikan Army. The Army in Velika was an institution revered by the common people and considered to be the pride of the nation, unifying it in a time of profound social transformation (industrial revolution). White was chosen to represent the monarchy. After the Socialist Revolution the flag was kept, but the white color was officially rededicated to mean Peace. A new communist-inspired emblem was placed in the center in prominent display. The emblem bears the design of a grand hydroelectric plant, the beaming light of a five-pointed red star representing socialism, with ears of wheat forming an oval frame, bound with a red ribbon bearing the inscription "People’s Republic of Velika" in the Cyrillic lettering of the Velikan language. The five points of the red star represent the five social groups (strata) that make up Velikan society: the workers, peasantry, youth, military and intelligentsia. *The Communist Party of Velika originally used a Red Flag with a gold hammer and sickle in the top-left corner. After the Revolution when the CPV was made the formal government of the country this was changed to the Velikan flag with a red hammer and sickle in order to make it more "national" and appealing to the patriotic Velikan citizens. EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S ARMED FORCES OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S ARMY OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S AIR FORCE OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S NAVY OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S POLICE OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S INTELLIGENCE FORCE OF VELIKA EMBLEM OF THE PEOPLE'S MISSILE FORCE OF VELIKA
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