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How do tanks destroy aircraft in ground battles?

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I have a question people of Orbis, How do tanks destroy aircraft in ground battles? Because if i have grund control in a war and the enemy has aircraft it says my tanks have destroyed some enemy aircraft. How does this work?

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Well it does say something in the attack results text that your tanks raided enemy air fields. So I assume they just roll up in there and blow up a handful of planes laying around.

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On 5/19/2023 at 10:24 PM, Sara Hudson said:

Tanks fly

Um, Ackshually, if you have ground control in a war and you sucheed, you destroy some of their airchaft as a reschult becauche thaths how they programmed it.srfyh8.png.123ccc221af78b10b8c1ffc984d143b7.png

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