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How Does Time Work in P&W?


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So recently I've been trying to figure out how much P&W simulated time is in a turn (2 hours), because I am trying to figure out how long an alliance war has been going on in simulated time, however this has proven more difficult then I expected, there is another entry on this website with a similar question and someone responded with "A week is 14 hours, A month is 56-62 hours (2-3 days)...a year is 730-732 hours (30-31 days)". However, it is 2083 in Simulated Politics and War time as I type this. Poltics and War's official aniversary is on August 14th, (2014). This means that assuming Poltics and war started at year 0 it would be around year 100, since its been just over 100 months so idk if that could be right.

Shortened version: Does anyone know how long a turn (2 hours) is in simulated P&W time?

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