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Energy Export / Import

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IRL power is generated in one place and sent to another. Not all power is locally generated.

My thought is to either simply add a mechanic that allows people to pay for powering a certain number of cities for a certain amount of time within the current constraints of the mechanics...




Change the way power works in nations. Rather than individual cities being powered or unpowered, have an energy requirement based on total infra and have power plants produce it much like oil fields or coal mines.




City 1 has 3 power plants.

City 2 has 0 power plants but receives the excess from City 1.

Etc. etc.


Power never accumulates or decays, it simply exists based on the number of power plants as it already does. So say you generate 10,000 megawatts but only use 5,000. You can then post the other 5,000 up on the resource market and players can purchase your excess power for money per day until either player cancels the agreement.

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2 minutes ago, chad said:

Yah this could be interesting so you sell power just like for example food correct.

Exactly. It just doesn't accumulate like other resources over time. So you only have your excess power available to sell.

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The problem I see with this is let's say you buy the power from alliance A, then you get into an alliance war with them and they promptly decide to cut off your power supply, now you are unable to make any military and your commerce is down to 0. 
You will need to carefully choose from whom you want to buy the power and at which cost.

Not a bad idea tho

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I would make the concept tied to a project.
This wouldn't be an essential project (as you can still power your cities as you please, without trading internally or externally).


Other than that, sounds good.

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Tbh, this gives a bit of an advantage to whales who have spare slots already. As they can now make power for their alliances lower tier etc.

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I like the idea of power not being calculated at the city level, but dislike it being something that is bought/sold. Mainly because power is something that is tied to the status of having enough during a turn or not, and not a quantity you can steal or stockpile. I'd like to consider & see more options for individual power before opening the flood gates to adding it as a market/multi-player one. I think making power less rigid would be interesting. Right now you really only have one meta that people follow, and it really doesn't change based on market conditions or war vs. peace etc.

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