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The Treaty of Curacao UPN-GUR MDoAP [Treaty]


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The Greater Unitary Republic have been one of UPN's longest standing protectorates and have grown fantastically well over the last few months. Therefore we jointly felt that it was only right that we acknowledge the changing relationship between our two alliances and upgrade our previous protectorate arrangement to the following funky new MDoAP


Treaty of Curacao

By signing this document, all the signatory alliances agree to the articles stated below and enter into this agreement with full knowledge of its contents.

Article I - Article of Non-Aggression
Neither alliance shall engage in hostile actions against the other. Hostile actions are defined as assaults, declarations of war and acts of espionage. Both alliances also agree to not engage in hostile actions against any alliance that either alliance is obliged to defend, unless they are doing so due to a mandatory outside treaty.

Article II – Article of Intelligence & Communication
Both alliances will share any intelligence that is to the benefit of the other alliances wellbeing. This includes intended new mutual defense treaties with third parties.

Article III - Article of Mutual Defense
If either signatory is attacked by a foreign party, the other is obligated to immediately offer military and financial assistance. If the attack was the result of the defender having declared war on another alliance, then this article is optional.

Article IV – Article of Optional Aggression
If either alliance declares war then the other alliance has the option to also declare war on the same target.

Article V - Article of Withdrawal
Section 1) 120 hours of notice must be given to the other alliance before Article II, II & IV can be dissolved. After this period Article I remains in place for another 30 days.

The signatures below immediately enter this document as alliance law and materialize the good relations that exist between the alliances that have signed below. Once entered into law, it shall remain there until it is dissolved through the process detailed in Article V.

The Greater Unitary Republic
President: Pegleg
Vice President: Luis I of Brazil

Secretary of State: Padisah Abdulhamid
Secretary of War: Sir_Kotsos
Secretary of the Treasury: Omen Khan
Secretary of the Interior: Marcus Liddell
Secretary of Trade and Commerce: Generic

The United Purple Nations
Prime Minister: Hansarius
Chief of Staff: Noreen
Minister of Internal Affairs: Matt
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Cora
Minister of Finance: Axley
Minister of Defense: Sealteam
Minister of Communications: Altheus

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>UPN post
>No gifs or videos

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TheNG - My favorite part is when Steve suggests DEIC might have done something remotely successful, then gets massively shit on for proposing such a stupid idea.

On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

I'm retarded, you win

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Long Live The Republic! 
Long Live UPN!

Long Live Democracy!

1 minute ago, Nukey6 said:

I always called The Greater Unitary Republic TGUR and not GUR and now I’m having a crisis. Huh, cool. Good luck, y’all.

It is officially called TGUR because including The however it can be called GUR meaning Greater Unitary Republic without the T 🙂

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Thought the thread title said UPN-GUN MDoAP for a moment and was about to fall into an even deeper nostalgia hole than the other thread.

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2 hours ago, Kurdanak said:

Thought the thread title said UPN-GUN MDoAP for a moment and was about to fall into an even deeper nostalgia hole than the other thread.


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