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QoL Suggestions for Upgrading Baseball Players


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1. Right now, there are two buttons (2k and 20k) that allow you to increase your players' stats. Could we have a button that would merely 100 that stat? Perhaps make it a pure 0.25x gain since the range is 0.15 to 0.35? Implementing this suggestion would reduce the number of clicking necessary to get a player to 100, which could make the game a little less cumbersome. edit: I want to be clear, that I'm not advocating the removal of the two existing buttons, but instead suggesting the inclusion of a third "max" button.

2. Allow those who have donated for a custom baseball logo also to have a custom stadium image? Rolling out this suggestion would be along the same lines as the City Headers that are customisation through VIP but would be pegged instead of "team customisation" which comes through the logo change donation. This customisation could make donating for a more customisation team more attractive. Perhaps also allow players to upload their team jerseys or at the minimum a minimum allow them to configure customised hex colourings? 

3. Auto-hide the blow-by-blow table that shows how the game went. While a lot of folks may find that enjoyable, some don't need to see the granular details and instead only want to know the final results. Alternatively, relocate the play next game to above that table.

4. Change the current random challenge to instead allow players to set a random bounty on the challenge. For example, if I wanted to set a 100k wager on a random challenge, then some random challenger would be able to automatically play against me and one of us would win that money. This would make it easier to play challenge games and also make it more fun for folks who want a more random chance.

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Edit for point 1 for clarity
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