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On 8/21/2018 at 12:42 AM, Mad Max said:

I'm gonna push violation of right of publicity for using the BoC flag I created for another individual, Josh. I didn't give the permission for current BoC to use my images.

Putting this here for emphasis. 

You're using my intellectual property without permissions. 

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Always great to see old faces again.



01:05:55 <%fistofdoom> im out of wine

01:06:03 <%fistofdoom> i winsih i had port
01:06:39 <@JoshF{BoC}> fistofdoom: is the snowman drunk with you

01:07:32 <%fistofdoom> i knet i forgot somehnt


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On 8/21/2018 at 11:14 AM, Mad Max said:

BoC was good back in the day towards the beginning, we even warred each other, back in the Ashland days. Thems were the good times, then they kinda did a little falling out. It was brought back into goodness when Josh was leading, I miss that guy - if anyone knows where he's at, let me know.

I'm just not sure about it this time around, but hey - if y'all think you can pull it off and push it through, I'm down. Good luck with it and just have fun.

Ashland is GoG now.

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