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  1. :((( you're right, you guys have been saints IQ man bad. The game is yours, enjoy it! xo
  2. Please go eat dirt lol edit- i say this while at the bottom.
  3. Oh come on.. You don't seriously expect me to believe you would welcome us with open arms after the torrent of toxicity you've shown toward us this past year? Hopefully Alex reverses some of the changes he made designed to hurt us so you can properly flourish. The game is yours now, no more bad man IQ to worry about, congrats!
  4. You mean to be your punching bag for years to come? Oh boy what a tremendous prospect!
  5. you're right, this text based game means the world to us, Christ how can we even possibly live without it? Not like we only played for our members and communities we built. Spare me.
  6. I assure you, the idea GPWC was some how financing our entire war is absurd, you're blowing that way out of proportion. I'm sure alex can share seeker and I's dm's with him suggesting fitting punishments forhis on the spot change of heart rule enforcement.
  7. imagine wanting to play a game or join an alliance with the people who take pleasure in seeing communities be destroyed. You have to realize the optics our members have on you guys is pretty terrible, a cursory glance at how you've all responded to this really shows what you're like. I say this in respect to GoG of course, no idea how BK/NPO members feel.
  8. Hey they wanna' stand on our throat in our darkest time, only proving why continuing is this game is fruitless.
  9. did have the upperhand* things go the otherway due to admin intervention* FIFY xoxo
  10. As 2iC I can confirm this is the wish of our members, not a decision forced by seeker or our gov. (Note some members haven't voted, we have a lot of non-discord users) ultimately all of gov and low gov has chosen to leave, which in essence means no one to continue the alliance effectively killing it. Don't try and push that garbage narrative here.
  11. Wait, you think they will come back after 6 months? that's cute.
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