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  1. Edit: We are playing in kingdom #91. If you are trying out this game, join in any latest kingdom. Once you are comfortable and want to continue, then join us in #91.
  2. Hello! (I was granted permission to use forums to invite everyone to this game by Alex) We in Tesla started playing Rise of Civilization a few weeks back and we eventually settled in one of the available kingdoms. Rise of civilization is a mobile strategy game. You start with a city as a governor, form alliances, build alliance fort and alliance flags, expand alliance territory, occupy passes and holy sites. To give a quick run of how the game progresses: 1. There are several kingdoms, all of them placed side by side. Think of them as different servers with a limited map space. You can create your city in one of the kingdoms. You can teleport your city anywhere as long as your city level is below 7. 2. Every kingdom has several territories, each separated by passes. We can capture and hold the passes. 3. At the center of every kingdom, there is a holy temple. If someone can capture and hold the holy temple, then they become king. If someone becomes king, then they have more powers, like assigning someone as a traitor and reducing their production by 5%. 4. After this, I think there will be wars between kingdoms. But I don't know for certain! There is a maximum cap for alliances. Initially it was 50, but we did some alliance researches to increase it to 68. Our alliance is full, so we cannot accept new members from here. However, if anyone is joining, we can made FA agreements and protect your alliance if it's in our region. Right time to join our kingdom is now! By one week, level 2 pass will open and most of the top alliances will start moving towards the center of map. Kingdom's corner will get vacant and new alliances can grow and expand. Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lilithgame.roc.gp&hl=en_US If you are joining, message me in discord. I'll tell ya which place to settle so we can work together in that game if you are interested. Else just give a try. We just concluded an alliance war there, I'll recommend 10/10 to y'all !
  3. You can view options to promote anyone to heir, if the position you hold is an officer. But you cannot execute such a promotion. A Leader can self demote him/her anytime.
  4. I'm suggesting a small change in rank promotions and demotions. Self demotions: Self demotions should not work if there is no other member in the said rank. Self promotions: In case of a vacancy, members below rank X should be able to self promote themselves to the next rank, that is X.
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