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27 minutes ago, ArcKnox said:

-grabs him by the throat- BACK THE frick OFF!?!?

People used to get super descriptive and crazy about it.  Like not just that but like... mmm...


::he slowly descended the staircase, shadows dancing off his robes.  One hand resting on his wizardly staff, tracing the ancient carvings upon it:: And now... now I shall smite you...::his voice resonated::

::insert more gibberish::

Picture that for paragraphs on end.

Thankfully i grew out of that stage of my life, but for the odd ::grins:: and ::shrugs::. 

Way I chalk it up, i'm ahead of most in that the worst legacy of embarrassment I picked up when I was 13 was a weird use of the colon key lol.

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1 hour ago, OsRavan said:

But anyway, it is a bad affectation that people usually mock me for.  I actually picked it up in the 1990s as a geeky middle school kid in... as Buorhann said... chatroom roleplay areas.  It was super big on AOL back when AOL was all anyone used for their internet. For whatever reason, even though I never use them when doing 'serious' academic or work writing, its formed its way as a habit in my writing on discord/instant messanger/forum chatting (or back in the day AIM and MIRC)..  Probably just due to the number of hours in the formative years of my life I wasted in those rooms. I'm not actually 'role playing' or anything, I mostly just instinctively do it on certain mediums as a bad habit.  Eventually i'll probably make a concerted effort to wipe it out of my writing.  But till then.... well.  Yeah (and yes I just typed ::shrugs:: and then edited it out heh).

I was part of that AOL nerd chat stuff back in the 90s, yes.  That's where I got it from too.

Some fun days.

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On 4/22/2018 at 10:46 PM, DragonK said:

they become as irrelevant as ODN


Irrelevant might not be the right word considering all this ruckus their poor handling of the situation has caused.

Btw I was defending the mosquitos, not ODN.

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