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Eh, i wouldn't presume to know much about Acadia's FA regarding Sacrum imperium Romanum, so i don't know to what extent that involvement is besides offering protection to a micro. Though i'm pretty sure everyone was shocked by the route Iron guard took whilst their protectorate, so i wouldn't hold them responsible for that. But that's just me.

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1 hour ago, kosmokenny said:

Well, as they dropped them, it would be overzealous for me to still hit them.  Calling them to task for their involvement in it the past few months seems pretty reasonable to me.

You should still hit Acadia. I was nuclear raiding for the meme supreme award and I tried signing a personal NAP with them. Why would I hit my friends protectors even if they're against me right? Well needless to say, they refused and stated I was free to go if I left Arrgh and was ok to join Acadia/SIR. Now then, they claim the shitposting done on Gabranth's apology message was the real reason. Now I shitposted, Bastion criticized him (no longer SIR I think), and Octomom just said "wow, you're backing down/from shouter of 'truth' to I'm sowwy." Now, I doubt that's pressure from you. You were just about ready with James on OWLs to give Acadia a nuclear enema a month ago. All that resulted in was Bezzers kick-banning me from AIM.

Needless to say, Acadia stated needing SIR to repel Arrgh. Acadia said we don't care about the backlash, we need lower tier protection. 

But wait isn't Arrgh still around?

Yes, but they're focusing fire on Vox Pop.

Hold on, there's more. Dorsaiwolf expressed being due for a global war and planning for a Christmas/New Years war.


Could it be that they don't feel Arrgh is as big a threat as global war and feel a Nuke Bloc first strike from TKR sphere would cripple them?

I believe if the countdown to midnight for Orbis wasn't so close, they'd be sending SIR a nice care package and more Arrgh target lists.

I'm not surprised UPN chooses to honor Rose treaties before Acadia. Acadia probably hoping to take the easy front/work as last in, first out.

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