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  1. "We're gonna make a discord but it's gonna be better, with lots of racism and NO GOONS ALLOWED."
  2. Important word being "was".
  3. Blatant/Ironic bigotry, racism, sexism or abelism are parody of what, exactly?
  4. I fail to see the issue since we are forcing nobody to: 1. Show their faces. Masks and hoods are welcome and fine. 2. Even do it. Scribbling a funny paint.net comic will take you less than an hour if you are so concerned about war in this game.
  5. If you need this many words to describe why the imagery you choose is not nazi imagery - then it is nazi imagery. Also lol, if you google "my loyalty is my honor", the literal first result is "this is a nazi slogan." Come on man, do you really need to be this facetious?
  6. Man, with the way you are trying to fight goons with all means - since you appearently can't do that in game - you'd figure the only one in anyone's headspace are goons in yours. I am not sure why you think you are the supreme authority on this game and somehow need to set us right because we are simply more efficent at PnW than you. It's the old age rethoric of "you dont play the game I want to thus you are wrong", pubbie. If you press this line of argumentation hard enough if might stay true in your head, so keep at it.
  7. I know this is hard to understand, but us accepting a pubbie into the alliance is literally destroying your entire argument, and with it this hilarious farce of a report. You don't think Alex wouldn't already have told us to stop if he thought what we do is wrong?
  8. We also literally just accepted a general member of the community that has no SA account into our alliance so that kinda disqualifies your entire post. Don't sign your posts.
  9. I wanted to say this earlier, but it is amazing that after 20 years, peopple have still no clue what SA culture actually is.
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