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  1. Well, the time has come, I haven't really spoken to this about anyone, however my time in Orbis has come to an end, If you dont really know who I am / or havent really met me you don't really need to read beyond this. (not exactly a major figure) So for those of you who know me, I won't go into details on my departure here, but feel free to dm me on discord if you want. For a Nation over 1120 days old, I've had much less of an impact then many others, but like to believe I have also left my mark, Starting out in Pantheon, I wasn't really involved in much, and was happy to rule my nation and essentially be a pawn of war, However as panth's gov collapsed and split in two, I left to forge a new Path, this is where my farewells begin, General Farewells First, to all current members of Brotherhood Family I would like to apologise for my sudden departure, you took me in after a long period of absence from the game, and gave me a home once more, I am extremely grateful for this and I wish you all the best for the future. To all former members of Dual Suns, I guess this is also an apology. First sorry for leaving as suddenly as I did, as I am about to do to Brofam i guess, During my time of absence before returning and Joining brofam, despite still being in the discord server, i did not notice its governmental struggles and collapse following the departures of high-gov members that shortly followed mine. Unfortunately we shall never know what would have happened if i had returned before such struggles, and for that i am sorry and to round it off, to all former members of the Felgrand Order, I thank you for joining my little alliance in the first place, allowing it to grow from 1900 score to over 62000 by the time of the alliance's merge. But also allowed it to grow into a great community aswell. You all put your trust and faith in both myself and the gov that worked with me, you all have my best wishes moving forward in whatever you may do. Special Mentions To all gov members I ever worked with, I thank you for your hard work, efforts and communities that you have helped to create Duncan Croford - sorry for any issues my departure causes, you're a great president for Brofam, and i wish you the best of luck in your tenure LLojsa - thanks for letting me into brofam and giving me my last orbis home Sval, and all of OWR - My gratefulness of your accepting of Felgrand as a Prot on its foundation cannot be expressed, you enabled me to build the community that saved my interest in Pnw Borg and E404 gov - My thanks for your aid in the formation of Dual suns as well as use of locutus(quite literally a life-saver) Larzarnis aka Gerry the pink ranger - Thanks for just being you, and all the help you ever gave me, you have been a great friend Dream - last but not least, to you I am most sorry, you have been a great friend of mine from first joining the allinace, building your way up to FO 2ic, to now being a prominent figure in orbis, You have always been enthusiastic, encouraging and wanting to improve, I hope these are qualities you never lose, for your future should be bright. Thanks all, Arthfael, Ruler of Deheubarth, Former Grand marquis of FO, former Sun of DS, and deputy-minister for IA of Brofam
  2. Sorry to see you go Chute, Hope I see ya round and good luck for your future and all that
  3. As a suggestion for the forum then, maybe there could be a "Micro" Alliance affairs channel for alliances under a certain score or membership. If it is really that annoying.
  4. "If a Battle cannot be won do not fight it" - Sun Tzu To fight a battle that cannot be won is madness, when surrounded on all sides, outnumbered and without allies. The chances of victory are slim If a fight can be avoided, it should be done so. In light of this I officially declare the Surrender of the Felgrand Order to the Blind Eye. I realise that this does not show this new alliance in a good light. It has been little over 24 hours since the official creation of the alliance, and no alliance can be built in a day. However I hope with this peace there can be prosperity and with prosperity there can be growth. As such I would like to make it clear that we are still seeking new applicants and Allies, So that they can share in this prosperity and seek greatness. In the name of Felgrand! -Lord Marquis Arthfael
  5. Not massively, although i learned a lot
  6. I have my own reasons for leaving pantheon, I was in the faction less than 10 days after joining PoW, Fought in two Global Wars for them and have been an active part of the alliance. When I joined Pantheon was in the Top 5 alliances and it's score was double what it is now. I stayed when over half of the alliance left. However following the recent server dispute I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of an alliance which I believed had lost some internal organisation.
  7. Deep Underground in a realm of light, there is rumoured to be a great beast, A Beast of pure light, it's scales plated in gold. It is from this beast we take our name. I Arthfael of Deheubarth am proud to announce to Orbis the proclamation and existence of: The Felgrand Order We shall grow in our economic and military might, We shall seek victory through any means possible, We shall reign Victorious! In the Name of Felgrand! -Lord Marquis Arthfael
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