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  1. Okay, I will keep this in mind
  2. As a suggestion for the forum then, maybe there could be a "Micro" Alliance affairs channel for alliances under a certain score or membership. If it is really that annoying.
  3. "If a Battle cannot be won do not fight it" - Sun Tzu To fight a battle that cannot be won is madness, when surrounded on all sides, outnumbered and without allies. The chances of victory are slim If a fight can be avoided, it should be done so. In light of this I officially declare the Surrender of the Felgrand Order to the Blind Eye. I realise that this does not show this new alliance in a good light. It has been little over 24 hours since the official creation of the alliance, and no alliance can be built in a day. However I hope with this peace there can be prosperity and with prosperity there can be growth. As such I would like to make it clear that we are still seeking new applicants and Allies, So that they can share in this prosperity and seek greatness. In the name of Felgrand! -Lord Marquis Arthfael
  4. Not massively, although i learned a lot
  5. I have my own reasons for leaving pantheon, I was in the faction less than 10 days after joining PoW, Fought in two Global Wars for them and have been an active part of the alliance. When I joined Pantheon was in the Top 5 alliances and it's score was double what it is now. I stayed when over half of the alliance left. However following the recent server dispute I decided I no longer wanted to be a part of an alliance which I believed had lost some internal organisation.
  6. Deep Underground in a realm of light, there is rumoured to be a great beast, A Beast of pure light, it's scales plated in gold. It is from this beast we take our name. I Arthfael of Deheubarth am proud to announce to Orbis the proclamation and existence of: The Felgrand Order We shall grow in our economic and military might, We shall seek victory through any means possible, We shall reign Victorious! In the Name of Felgrand! -Lord Marquis Arthfael
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